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How Does Good Design Impact Your Staffing Company’s Marketing Efforts?

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How Does Good Design Impact Your Staffing Company’s Marketing Efforts

When clients or candidates encounter your company online, or on social media for the first time, does your overall company image they see make them want to convert? Consider that the human brain processes visuals much faster than text. That initial viewing of visual elements – the design – including color, contrast, typography and motion – are likely to leave the most significant first impression.

Know that both good and bad design can have a real impact on how your staffing firm is perceived, how well your marketing is remembered, and the potential results your messaging can yield. Good design can offer a competitive advantage that gives your company a critical tool in differentiation and candidate or client loyalty.

When someone encounters your company’s marketing for the first time, they are usually in their initial research phase and are deciding whom to work with. Take a look at your website, sell sheets or brochures and ask these questions:

  • Do they speak to the audience you really want to reach?
  • Do they offer a consistent message that represents who you are in a meaningful way to your audience?
  • Are you attempting to reach a tech crowd with a website or printed pieces designed to recruit administrative assistants?
  • Are your marketing components just simply outdated, not having been updated or reviewed?
  • Can someone who has never encountered your company detect what your branding is and how you are different than anyone other staffing or recruiting company?
  • If they encounter you at a trade show, will they know who you are

Presenting a consistent visual brand (which begins with a solid marketing strategy) to your existing and potential clients and candidates, helps present that your business is stable and trustworthy. Why not go into the new year establishing a strong market position! Contact Haley Marketing Group today to develop the best marketing strategy and components to deliver results and gain conversions.


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