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So You’re Blogging. Now What?

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You have your blog content, and it’s published to your page. All of the “i’s” have been dotted and the “t’s” have been crossed. The article looks great. Maybe there’s a great graphic you used, a powerful image, or some intriguing data that will draw readers repeatedly. Now that the article is published, it will appear on your website, and will eventually draw in readers through good SEO practices.

You’ve taken it a step further. Your blog articles are fed to your social media pages, and you like/share them. Maybe you go a step further and have your staff do the same. Or maybe you go a step even further and share that content to a readied audience on LinkedIn/LinkedIn groups. You’re killing it. But is that all you can do?

Sharing Blogs via Automatic Feeds

Relying on an automatic feed to share your blog content on your social media pages is a very useful practice. It ensures your content is shared regularly, automates the process which alleviates the task from your “to-do” list, and allows your staff to interact with the posts as well. If you want to reach more people through social media, it’s time to take that a step further.

Sharing Blogs via Periodic Manual Sharing

Sharing your content manually, designing your posts thoughtfully and designing them to catch your audience’s eye can more than double your website traffic. Increasing website traffic means more leads, which means more business. Be wary of the pitfalls of sharing manually. Posting constant job positions is a big “no-no.” Visit your social media pages as if you were a first time visitor. You wouldn’t scroll down past three or four posts at most if they all looked the same and did nothing for you visually. Instead, write out a summary of the post, come up with eye-catching titles and include eye-catching graphics. Pay attention to when users are on your page and cater to them by posting during peak traffic hours. Design some custom graphics and include them in your posts that display your blog content.

Does it sound like a lot of work? It is, but it’s well worth it.

We know how much work goes into creating attention grabbing posts, and staying atop of the latest trends in social media marketing. Don’t have the time to sink into creating an optimal social media presence? Can’t afford to hire a millennial who knows maybe 2 or 3 skills to get you by?

We can help.

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Sharing Blogs via Social Pro Service

Haley Marketing’s Social Pro service includes all of the best practices described above. Our social media marketing team is constantly studying trends, working with our creative department to create eye-catching graphics, and designing the best post layouts possible. We know what will grab your followers’ attention and will bring more visitors to your website. In the instance above (see graph), we saw an increase of over 2,000% of the number of visitors driven to a staffing firm’s website when blog content was shared through our Social Pro Service. Will this happen every time? Maybe not, but numbers don’t lie, and the combination of strategies we have combined drive more traffic to your website than sharing through an automatic feed, and sharing periodically.
At the end of the day, this strategy results in more conversions to your website, costs less than hiring someone to do it full time, and takes much, much less of your time to do it. On top of it all, there is a team dedicated to following best practices, and to help you learn more along the way.

To learn more about our Social Pro service, or to speak with our expert team, contact Haley Marketing today.


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