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Good Candidates. Where ARE they hiding?

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So I’ve written a couple times now about marketing strategies and why you need one for your staffing or recruiting firm. And if you’re reading my blog posts (which are full of valuable information – I mean, I’m seriously kicking out some epic stuff here), then you already know that I REALLY think you must have a strategy for your marketing.

For your staffing or recruiting firm to stay relevant and attract both more clients and candidates, you may need more than one component to your strategy. So now you may be wondering – what might that kind of marketing strategy look like? While I won’t try to develop an entire marketing plan here, here are some targeting components that might help you better understand how strategies help.


You need more candidates. Good quality candidates. Qualified candidates.

Possible Strategy: Evangelism and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Candidates who have loved working with you, will most likely never hesitate to say so. You can reach out to them for testimonials to put on your website, or create a referral program that offers a bonus if someone they refer to you is placed successfully. Let your good placed candidates know that you are available to help others find jobs they are happy with as well. I can tell you that every recruiter I have ever worked with in the course of my career is somehow still connect with me through social media, and I have never hesitated to pass their information along to friends and colleagues.

Click here to find out more about creating your own Evangelism Strategy

Possible Strategy: Event Marketing

Attending or creating a job fair is a valid way to find readily available candidates. Every candidate there is either considering a move or is immediately available for work. Another approach might be to create your own online event. You can create an “event” such as a webcast or online seminar, a question and answer session in a specific “live” time frame on Twitter or Facebook. Choose a topic that would be of interest to the audience you are trying to reach and help build your following.

Click here to ask about more event marketing ideas: http://www.haleymarketing.com/contact-us/get-an-estimate/

Possible Strategy: Re-recruiting Campaign

Re-recruiting is about getting return visitors to your website and your job portal. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to attract new candidates, you can invest a fraction of that amount targeting previous website visitors.

Re-recruiting targets two key audiences:

  1. Existing candidates in your ATS.
  2. Visitors that have been to your website in the past.

Click here to find out more about Re-recruiting

These are just a few possible ideas to solve one of the biggest problems in the staffing and recruiting industry -finding candidates. How do you know which one is strategy is right for you? Contact Haley Marketing Group today to find the right solution for your problem, market and budget.

Remember to check back here often, our incredible team is posting valuable information daily. And watch for my next post about ideas to reach more clients!

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