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Need New Job Candidates – Social Recruiting Is the Answer

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Last time, I talked about the goals and business challenges the Re-Recruiting program helps staffing agencies and recruiters overcome.

But sometimes, the old candidates aren’t the ones you want. Your staffing company needs new candidates, fresh faces, etc.

Welcome to Social Recruiting!

Similar to the Re-Recruiting program, Social Recruiting is targeting new job candidates through Facebook or Google advertising. No remarketing code is involved. No upload of your ATS list is completed to Facebook.<
To target the audience, we zero in on a variety of factors:

  • Geographic region
  • Industry, job title, employer, interests, etc.
  • Anything else we think would be worthwhile for that specific audience

Instead of targeting everyone in Boston, as you might have to do with something like a billboard, you can target job seekers or a specific industry in Boston. That narrows down your targeted audience and increases your chances for success.

What Results Should We Expect

This could be a generalization, but the audience you are targeting through Social Recruiting is going to be larger than the audience you are targeting through Re-Recruiting. Yes, there are exceptions to that (if you have a large ATS list or high number of website visitors), but when we just create a target audience through geography and interests, the audience will probably be larger.

That means you will get more clicks, which is great! Your cost per click should be lower and you will get even more traffic to your website.

In full transparency, the downside will be a lower conversion rate. (Remember: returning traffic converts twice as much.

That doesn’t mean Social Recruiting is a bad idea. In fact, it can have a really effective place in your marketing strategy.

Give Me the Numbers!

We can all relate to numbers.

  • In its first three months of the program, an industrial client averaged 510 clicks per month while reaching more than 6,400 people per month and having its ad seen nearly 19,000 times per month.
  • Another client, this one in the Northwest part of the country, averaged more than 550 clicks per month at less than $0.20 per click. The ads were seen more than 20,000 times per month!

One of the great parts of an online advertising campaign comes is the optimization. Looking at the engagement of your targeted audience, we can see which ads resonate and which ones aren’t working.
For example,the client in the Northwest? The first month had just over 400 clicks while month five had more than 600 clicks – all while spending the same amount of money.

Commitment to any program takes time. Online advertising is no different. Working with experts can really take your advertising spend and increase its efficiency during an extended period of time.

No One Turns Down New Business

Any business doesn’t just rely on selling new products or services to its current client base. It can be easier since your current clients see how awesome you are at your job and want to buy more since the initial investment has been beneficial.

But sometimes you want your business to grow, to expand, to just get bigger. You need a new customer base to accomplish that goal, and that’s where Social Recruiting comes into play.

Which Strategy Is For Me?

There isn’t one question that I can pose right now to give you an answer. I will ask this, “Does Your Staffing Agency Need or Want More Candidates?” I’m guessing the answer to that question is a resounding YES!

Now, you have to look at your business and think about which strategy would work better – reactivating those old candidates, getting new candidates, or both?

If you need help determining the best option for your staffing agency, don’t hesitate to contact the Haley Marketing Group. We will guide you through a process that determines if these programs are right for you and then which program(s) would be the best fit for your staffing firm.


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