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Creating Content for Your Blog

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How can you keep up with the ever-changing best practices when adding new content to your blog? As search engines become smarter and more content is readily available, things will continue to change. However, you should follow these best practices to help you write great content that stands out and benefits both search engines and your end users.

  • Keep your content focused. Write about content you are the expert on and that your users will look to you for answers on. Writing about unrelated subjects won’t bring you targeted traffic or benefit your audience.
  • Keep the copy simple. Make your point concisely and make the copy easy to read. Adding titles, headings, bullets and bolded terms makes it easy for readers to quickly review the key takeaways.
  • Include SEO elements. Search engines crawl the information on your website to index and potentially serve these results when people are searching for related terms online. Include key terms in the title, meta data, tags and links.
  • Be consistent. Adding content regularly is an important element of search engine optimization. You don’t have to keep a strict schedule, but you may want to in order to stay disciplined and ensure consistency.
  • Add imagery. Including graphics in your blogs helps catch readers’ attention and makes the content stand out when sharing it on social media. Just be careful only to use images you have permission to use.

Once you’ve created great content, be sure to take the next step. Blog posts are a great basis for content to share on social media or through email marketing. Reach out to our marketing educators today to learn more about how we can help you create great content and a full-content strategy!

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