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Google Jobs and Your Job Board (Career Site)

Google Jobs and Your Job Board
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Google Jobs Is Here…and We’re Ready!

On May 17, 2017, Google officially announced the launch of Google Jobs in the U.S. And it’s a game changer!

What does Google Jobs mean to staffing companies?

The short answer is that it means that your jobs can directly appear in search results…organically!

When a job seeker searches for your company by name, or for the types of jobs you fill (in your geographic market), you’re jobs may appear in the new Google Jobs display.

Here’s an example:

Google Jobs sample

Why should you care?

The jobs that appear in Google Jobs come from a variety of sources. Google has partnerships with CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, and other career sites that can get your jobs into the new Google Jobs display.

However, Google will also directly index jobs from your career site–as long as your career site is optimized for Google Jobs. Once your jobs are appearing on Google Jobs, they’ll appear before jobs on other websites (including the job boards), which will drive more candidates to your jobs and potentially lower your cost of recruitment advertising.

While we wouldn’t recommend that you run out and cancel your contracts with your job board and job aggregator partners, you should start to take a close look at Google Analytics to see how candidates are finding you…and which recruiting investments are delivering the best ROI.

Can Haley Marketing Get Jobs on Google?

In a word, yes! Haley Marketing job boards have always been developed with SEO as a primary goal, and we’ve been carefully tracking all the requirements for Google Jobs. Our job boards have included optimized URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, and schema mark-up for several years.

In our latest software release, we updated our sitemaps to fully support indexing by Google. And we are continuing to improve the structured data we provide to enhance the quality of the content and appearance of our clients’ jobs on Google.

Finally, we will be adding support for the Google Jobs API, (which is still in private alpha – https://cloud.google.com/jobs-api/), in a future release to enhance the candidate’s search experience (no one does search better than Google) and further improve the performance of our job board software.

As an FYI, we applied to be part of the Google Jobs API months ago, but we are still waiting for approval. Unfortunately, (our lawyers make us say this) we do not have any control over any third-party’s processes or policies and, therefore, we cannot guarantee that your jobs will be indexed on Google…but we are trying!

As always, Team Haley is working diligently behind the scenes to improve our products and services to make them work even better for you!

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