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Hiring like The Bachelorette

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I was watching The Bachelorette Monday night (don’t judge me!) and thinking about how much the process is like hiring.


  • Start with a wide range of prospects
  • Notice who makes a great impression
  • Eliminate unsuitable candidates quickly
  • Narrow the field to a select few
  • Make your final decision

The similarities are striking…

As you evaluate each candidate, like The Bachelorette (or Bachelor), you’ll watch for red flags, compare each candidate to the competition, check their references and sometimes, eliminate a person you really like because they’re just not the right fit.

What lessons from The Bachelorette can increase your chances of hiring success?

  • Know what you’re looking for (You can’t hit the target if you don’t have one)
  • Keep an open mind (The best person for the job may be the last person you thought of)
  • Look beyond the obvious (A candidate from outside the industry can bring unique insights)
  • Establish deal breakers (With firm “must-haves” as a baseline you can improvise on other qualifications)

Can your staffing firm help employers and job seekers find their dream match?

Start by letting them know who you are and what you do!

Haley Marketing Group can help you stand out, stay top-of-mind and sell more. Get in touch with us today.

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