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Does your Marketing Need Tidying Up?

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Over the past few years, there has been an emphasis on minimalism. On analyzing your life to examine what adds to your happiness and success and what weighs you down.

If you have read Leo Babauta’s  Zen Habits blog or picked up Marie Condon’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up, you’ve probably learned a thing or two about letting go of what doesn’t work for you and focusing on what does in order to simplify your life.

Have you given your marketing efforts the same attention?

Collateral Damage

Do you have boxes full of outdated mailers and leave-behinds taking up space in a backroom or office — or worse yet are you still using them?

Look them over with a critical eye.

Do they advertise services you no longer offer?

Omit services you do?

Are the images outdated?

Is the terminology?

Have the pages gone yellow with age?

Does the copy really speak to the problems you solve for your clients? 

Website Woes

When’s the last time you refreshed your website?

Even if you’ve updated your site in the last year or two, it could probably use a once over.

Are there dead links to be repaired or deleted?

If you include bios, do they reflect your current team?

Is your content clear and to the point?

Can visitors tell at a glance how they can find what they need?

Email Hell

Are you getting results from your email marketing?

Is it driving the behavior you expect?

(You are checking, aren’t you?)

How’s your mailing list looking?

Are you getting a lot of bounce backs?

Do the people who get your emails want them?

Are your subject lines engaging?

Do you provide value with the content?

While every piece of marketing doesn’t need to “bring you joy,” it sure as heck needs to bring you business.

If you are looking for smart, streamlined, successful marketing, contact the experts at Haley Marketing Group.

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