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You Need Candidates (and So Does Everyone Else!)

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We’ve heard it a million times this year – it’s a candidate market. And with the lowest unemployment rate since 1973, you’re facing the challenge of fighting everyone else in the industry for good candidates   – let alone top hires.

So, what type of marketing armor can you wear when you run head-on into the war for talent?

1. Email Marketing

Want to keep in touch with everyone who’s ever given you their email address – whether they’re currently employed or not? If you don’t want your best recruiters wasting their time, you should consider email marketing. It’s a one-click solution to stay top-of-mind with people who already know your company. And even if they’re not looking for work NOW, if you’re consistently in front of them, guess who they’re going to turn to when they’re ready to jump ship? (Hint: It won’t be competitors they’ve never heard of.)


2. Social Marketing

Did you know you can use Facebook to attract people to your job postings who have never seen or heard of your company before? How about using it to promote your current open positions, share candidates who have recently found work, and post glowing testimonials about candidates whose lives have been changed by your company? It’s a lot more than sharing baby pictures – Facebook has an incredible outreach program that can help you source and vet new candidates before your competition. Not to mention what you can do with LinkedIn and Twitter, as well…


3. Content Marketing

Who stays at the forefront of the industry – and Google’s search algorithm? Companies who consistently post fresh relevant content that pertains to their location, industry and services. Are you blogging about interview protocol, resume tips and salary trends? Once you write those blogs, are you adding images, sharing them across social media, or emailing them out in your monthly newsletter to your current clients and candidates? If not, you’re missing out on a huge inbound marketing audience. And you’re losing out on candidates that your competition is only too happy to scoop up.


Want to know more about finding the best candidates in your area? Connect with Haley Marketing Group and let us be your secret weapon in the war for talent!

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