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How To Build Trustworthiness For A Great First Impression

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Everyday we manage more of our lives online.

Socializing, entertainment, and shopping to advocacy, tracking our health, and managing our finances. It permeates our daily activities, relationships and pursuits. Our growing reliance is self-evident.

What does this mean for your business?

More people will naturally find your business online before they ever speak with you. And, for every new conversation you have there are many others that you miss out on.

You need more conversations. More conversations with people who have a favorable impression of your business.

Getting more of the right kinds of conversations

A powerful way to have more people speak with you is to make a great first impression. Their first exposure to your business must be a positive one. The right impression will earn you the right for more attention and interest. The wrong impression can irrecoverable damage a relationship before it ever started.

Are You Trustworthy

The best first impression must communicate that you have the

  • expertise,
  • experience,
  • creativity and
  • resources to potentially solve their problem.

Don’t forget though that people like to work with people they like.

Your first impression should as well communicate that you are

  • honest,
  • reliable,
  • respond well to criticism and
  • level-headed.

Most effective way to communicate trustworthiness

Before we spend attention, time and resources on anything we make sure it will give us the outcome we want.

We cannot do this with certainty for most activities or relationships we get into. In these cases we research and gather as much reliable information we can before taking the risk. The world’s largest companies, like Google, know this about us and build their business on this fact.

Word of mouth and referrals have always been the best way to address these concerns of trust. The gold standard are those from a trusted personal or authoritative source.

These now have taken on the form of online reviews and ratings. They grow more important for decision makers across all industries.

Nearly 9 out of 10 people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Reputation Management – Taking control of your online reviews and ratings

In staffing it is much more probable to receive a negative review and rating than a positive one. For every opening you fill you have a lot of disappointed candidates who did not get the job. With easy access to the web employers can share every service delay or hiccup with the world.

This is where a reputation management strategy comes in. You want to be aware of the conversations going on about your business. Have the right tools and resources to promote what is true and good about your business, but also address anything false and bad.

It is too risky to leave your first impression to chance.

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