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How Can Your Staffing Agency Be the Talk of the Thanksgiving Holiday?

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At some point during the Thanksgiving holiday (or any of the upcoming holidays), someone will pull out their mobile device. (OK, it’s going to be pretty much everyone). Hopefully, it’s on the couch after the delicious Thanksgiving feast and football plays on the television and not while everyone is at the table during dinner.

What are they going to pull up on their phone? Social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. You name it, and people will be biding their time looking for updates from their friends and out-of-town family members on social media.

They’ll keep refreshing, refreshing and refreshing as Uncle Bobby tells the same story for the 17th year in a row.

While they pull down to refresh the Facebook News Feed or scroll the Instagram posts, your staffing agency could be right there.

What Works on Social Media?

Content is king. It always has been and always will be.  We can argue if it’s blog posts, jobs, infographics, videos, podcasts or whatever is coming next. A tried-and-true principle is that people will read good content. Quick-hitting content is popular but long-form content also receives great attention.

Think about it. Your staffing agency shares its best blog post of the year and puts $50 (remember a good Marketing program is Free) behind it for a couple of days. Set your target audience to who you want to see that content and your ad will be front and center during times when people are constantly refreshing their feeds. The situation plays out like this – Your Aunt Susan knows you are looking for a job and shares this awesome post about updating your LinkedIn profile to get noticed by recruiters with her favorite niece. Alexis updates her profile, and she gets a message from a recruiter next week.

Or maybe you have a time-sensitive job order because of peak seasonal demand. You post it on your company’s timeline. You post it on Facebook jobs and put that same $50-$100 behind it for a few days. The situation plays out like this – Tommy is getting married soon and needs some extra cash to pay for their memorable day. Uncle Bob sees a job post looking for extra help packing boxes for the holiday and shares it with his favorite nephew. Tommy looks at the post after dinner, applies for the job, and you call him on Monday. He starts on Wednesday).

Let’s do one more: you are trying to get new business for the start of 2018. You take your best B2B content and really target CEOs, principals, and owners in your 15-mile radius through some Facebook advertising. That situation plays out like this: The CEO of a local company might be out of the office but a small business owner is always thinking about business. They log on to Facebook and your case study about saving a company 15% in expenses is the second thing they see (after their best friend’s 3-year-old eating pumpkin pie). You have an awesome image, strong headline and get them to click on the link. To access the case study, they have to give you their name, email address, and phone number. Monday morning, you have a lead in your inbox.

Go To Your Target Audience When They Are There

Those are just three of the numerous possible examples. But what are the common themes?

Great content. Social Media. Timing. 

Before you log off for the holiday, think about what you can do to get your staffing agency in your target audience’s news feed. You will be getting leads and collecting applications while you go for the second helping of apple pie.


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