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A Good Marketing Program Is Free

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Now, wait. Before you start asking why you get an invoice from Haley Marketing, I don’t mean that there is no cost to a marketing program. (I know, semantics.) What I’m saying is that a good marketing program provides enough return on investment that you make back not only what you’re spending … but more!

But how can you prove value and put a real number on your marketing ROI? Try these tips.


Do your marketing projects help bring in new candidate applications? Do they find the “needle in the haystack” candidates that every staffing firm is looking for? If they’re run properly, they will! Most staffing agencies can pay for a year of marketing by making one to five good new placements. What could you pay for if you had 10s or 100s of new applications?


If you’re not using Google analytics to track key website metrics, you’re losing out on valuable information like:

  • how many people are visiting your website;
  • which pages on your website they’re going to;
  • how long they’re staying on each page; and
  • if they’re going from one page to the next.

Want to know if your marketing initiatives are paying off? Check your analytics! Are more people visiting your site? How about clicking on your “contact us” page? Can you trace them back to where they came from – a search engine, social media, email? These things all prove true ROI!

Asking Questions

Sometimes the easiest solutions are the simplest. Want to know if your marketing is working? Ask new candidates when they walk through your door: “How did you hear about XYZ Staffing?” Some may say a referral or they know someone who works at your company, but many more will likely say “I googled a job opening…” or “I saw your Facebook ad for this position.” As it is with many things in life, the proof is often in the pudding.

Want to know more about how to run a marketing program that pays for itself? Contact the marketing experts at Haley Marketing Group today!

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