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Simple Changes = More Candidates

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Could updating a staffing website and application entice more job seekers to apply to jobs?


The Challenge:

Our client was struggling to find quality candidates – and losing clients due to unfilled job orders. It seemed like they’d tried everything to get more job seekers to apply, including continually posting jobs, attending job fairs and making appearances at local unemployment offices. They even sponsored local sports teams and manned booths to sign people up at games.

And they had solid recruiting tools in place, consistently posting jobs on their website with Haley Marketing’s Job Board (which integrated with their online application and funneled candidates right into their ATS).

So, why weren’t more qualified candidates applying to their jobs?

Was their website driving candidates away? Was their online application to blame – or the jobs themselves? We put our team of “digital detectives” on the case to diagnose the problem and propose a solution.

We analyzed the client’s:

  1. Website traffic. Using analytics from our job board and Google we found that:
    a. Almost 41% of all their traffic was coming from mobile devices.
    b. Although they were doing well with organic traffic to the site and job board, little traffic was coming from job aggregator sites.
  2. Application process. We audited the client’s entire application process, approaching it as a candidate would. We determined that jobs were being viewed, but candidates weren’t completing the online application – because it took over 20 minutes!

The Solution:

Armed with these insights, our experts knew that a few simple changes would keep more candidates from abandoning the application process.

Here’s what we recommended:

  1. Testing a short, mobile-friendly application. This was already available within the Haley Marketing Job Board – so it was painless to test!
  2. Writing better job postings. Improve basic “nuts and bolts” position descriptions to make them more engaging, explain why job seekers should apply and include salary information.
  3. Automatically posting to Indeed. The client’s internal team was duplicating their efforts by manually posting jobs to Indeed. Our support team worked with Indeed on our client’s behalf to setup an automatic feed from their job board to Indeed.
  4. Turn off the ATS application form! Yes, you read that right. We told them to skip the online application they thought they needed and replace it with the resume submission form that is built into their Haley Marketing Job Board.

So What Happened?

Implementing these simple changes yielded amazing results:

  • The first day our client received 400 resumes.
  • In the first month, they received more than 8,000 resumes.
  • Indeed.com is now their #1 referral source, generating 35% of all website traffic (during the two weeks after the changes were made).

Today’s job seekers demand a quick, simple process to find and apply to opportunities. By making a few small adjustments to their website and application, we helped this client keep more candidates in their recruiting funnel – and generate more applications.

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