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In a Time of Controversy, Reputation Matters

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There’s no denying it; our world now is a controversial one. It’s impossible to watch the news or check our social media feeds without hearing about someone who lost their job – and credibility – because of their actions. And while your company is hopefully far and away from any serious scandal, there’s no way to stay completely free from outsider scrutiny.

So, when sharing the worst possible opinion of your company is only one angry unhired candidate away, how do you protect your reputation in these uncertain times?

Be Proactive

Candidates claim their biggest complaint about staffing and recruiting agencies is they don’t follow up after an interview. When these candidates don’t receive any feedback or follow up, what are they likely to do? Deserved or not, they’re going to go to the internet to air their grievances and “warn” any other job seekers to stay away from you. The best thing you can do to stop these bad reviews from happening? Proactively let candidates know where they stand, and offer them a place to (privately) provide feedback.

Drown Out the Noise

If you have 20 different 5-star reviews, and one one-star review, guess which reviews people will believe more. (Hint, it’s the 5-star reviews.) If you can consistently receive positive, authentic testimonials from happily placed candidates or clients who loved working with you, they will help to cancel out the angry review left by someone online.

Be Consistent

As it goes with so much of business, consistency is key. If you have a way to broadcast and share these incredible testimonials you keep receiving, you’ll be able to keep yourself top-of-mind and create a public brand that says “This company cares about the people it works with, and it shows!” Those results alone will be monumental in keeping your reputation sterling and your company on top.


Want to keep your reputation clean and your candidates and clients happy? Talk to the experts at Haley Marketing Group about our Reputation Management service. We can help you build more credible, positive online reviews, catch negative feedback before it goes viral, and benchmark your services against staffing industry leaders.

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