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What Does 2018 Have in Store for Email Marketing?

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If you haven’t started an email marketing program by now, 2018 is the time to dive in head-first! As we’ve already mentioned, email marketing continues to drive the highest return on investment of any marketing outlet – a reported $38 earned for every $1 spent. So, if you want to tap into this ROI machine, here are the four key trends that will shape email marketing in 2018.

1. Bold Design

Long gone are the days of boring three-column “newsletters” and text-only bulletins. 2018 is bringing with it bold colors (like pantone’s color of the year, Ultra Violet!) and attention-grabbing images. Expect to see a “less-is-more” approach with less bells and whistles, and more of an actual funnel.

2. Mobile Display

Ok, we should all have a smartphone by now. If you’re still running a business in 2018 with a flip phone, it’s time to take the plunge. Since email on mobile devices accounts for approximately 55 percent of all readership, you can’t afford to forget this growing target audience. Click to call, one-touch icons, and clear next steps from email will all play a huge part in making it easier for readers to turn your email into job placements.

3. Personalization and Conversation

No one is going to read your 20-paragraph long email. No one has time to! What they will read, however, is something that feels like it speaks directly to them, their challenges or opportunities, and opens the lines of communication. Whether it’s using people’s names in emails to feel personal, or asking great probing questions that generate an authentic response, 2018’s emails will have to be both personal and conversational.

4. Spam Laws Tightening

CAN-SPAM laws put a whopping $10 million ticket price on any spam emails reported within certain structures. I personally don’t have $10 million to flush down the toilet, and if you don’t either, then you need to avoid any fines or fees going forward. Use these tips:

  • Ensure your list is permission based.
  • Be clear about who your emails come from.
  • Make opt-out options easy.

CAN-SPAM laws are nothing to fear if your emails follow the legal guidelines!

Want to know more about email marketing, or how Haley Marketing Group can help you create an award-winning email marketing campaign this year? Contact us today at [email protected], and we’ll be happy to help you create an amazing email or content marketing program!

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