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Are your blog articles designed to turn readers into applicants?

Convert Blog Reader Into Job Applicant | Haley Marketing Group
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When developing a social media strategy for staffing, I continue to share the following mindset with recruiters and staffing specialists.

While engagement on social media is important, the main focus of staffing firms should be to get social media users OFF of social media as quickly as possible.

Take Facebook for example.

While scrolling through newsfeed, you’re not only competing for attention against other local staffing firms, but also major sports teams, bands,  friends and family members that are sharing links to articles they enjoy and pictures and videos from throughout their day.

When looking at the effectiveness of social media for staffing, I continue to stress the importance of driving social media users from social BACK to a company website.

Using Content to Drive People to Your Company Website

Take a minute to think about the ideal candidate for one of the available job opportunities you’re currently trying to fill.

Now, think about 5 questions they may ask when you call them to discuss this next step in their career.

This is the foundation of blogging and content marketing in 2018.

Take the questions, challenges and pain points of your target audience (your ideal candidates) and answer them via written content on your blog or through video.

If you’re not all-in on the idea of content marketing, I encourage you to take 5-min to read the following article by Matt Lozar, Social Media Advisor with Haley Marketing Group: Two Textbook Examples of Successful Content Marketing that Drove Traffic to Staffing Agency Websites

Interrupting Our Audience Through Calls to Action

At the beginning of this post, I said while engagement on social media is important, the main focus of staffing firms should be to get social media users OFF of social media as quickly as possible.

When we come back to the goals of a social media strategy,  we’re deploying tactics that are in line with generating more applications and job orders. THAT is the main goal of our social marketing efforts.

So, how can we use calls to action to interrupt our audience and get them to take action on our website?

Instinctively, when someone comes to your website their next action will be to return to what they were doing.

Through calls to action, we can funnel that reader to available job opportunities or to learn about the services you provide.

By guiding that reader to the next page of your website where they can take action, we push them further through the conversion funnel, converting them from a casual reader to an applicant.

Looking for a Blog Writing Partner?

At Haley Marketing Group, we understand the staffing and recruiting industry and understand the value of content marketing and blogging.

Not only do we know how these two intersect, but with a team of professional writers, a dedicated social media marketing advisor and a proactive content plan, you can be assured that the content plan deployed will generate measurable business results.

Learn more about the blogging services provided by Haley Marketing Group, or contact our team for additional information about the benefit of having Haley Marketing Group assist you with your marketing initiatives in 2018.

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