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Ready to Win at CX? It’s Time for a Strategic Approach

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It’s no secret: More and more, staffing firms are competing on customer experience to achieve competitive advantage.

But what, exactly, does it mean to “compete on customer experience”?

Competing on CX requires more than merely making incremental improvements, adding new features or services, or dropping your prices. To win at CX, your staffing agency must focus on the key aspects of clients’ and candidates’ experience that matter most to them.

Internationally recognized customer service expert Adam Toporek has identified 3 critical aspects of CX that have the biggest impact on customers’ behavior and attitudes. What are they – and how can your staffing firm use them to deliver amazing experiences, every day? Let’s take a look:

#1: Emotion

The way employers and job seekers remember an experience with your firm impacts how they rate it. And you know what dramatically affects the way they remember experiences? You guessed it: emotions. While it would be nice if everyone made purely rational staffing and employment decisions based on facts, logic and data, that’s not how humans are wired. Instead, clients and candidates make emotional decisions based on how your staffing firm – and every experience they have with it – makes them feel.

Toporek’s advice? Examine every touch point in your customers’ journey. Focus on making every experience with your staffing service more emotionally resonant for them.

#2: Differentiation

Think like a staffing customer for a minute: What makes each experience with your firm stand out? Memorable? Better than the experience they’d have with a competitor? In an industry crowded with “me too” staffing firms, competing on CX requires you to differentiate the experience your firm delivers.

#3: Simplification

We’ve been saying this for years: Make your staffing firm easy to work with! Because no matter how strong your emotional appeal, no matter how unique your experience is, clients and candidates won’t work with you if it’s a hassle.

Want to simplify your clients’ experience? This Idea Club eBook, Best Practices in Keeping Clients Happy, contains great advice for dramatically improving your clients’ customer experience.

Need help streamlining your candidates’ experience? This Shareworthy Service post, Engage and Attract Top Talent with Shareworthy CX, contains great tips for reducing friction in the application process.

Haley Marketing specializes in helping staffing and recruiting firms like yours deliver shareworthy experiences for customers, every day. If you’re ready to win at CX, contact one of our marketing educators to get started!

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