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Engage and Attract Top Talent – with Shareworthy CX

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How is your staffing agency managing the candidate drought?

With unemployment trending downward for years, the job market continuing to expand, and baby boomers retiring at an unprecedented rate, you don’t need me to tell you how painful talent shortages are these days.

But while your staffing or recruiting firm may have little control over the economic or demographic factors fueling this crisis, you can control how you address it.

Start by making your candidate experience truly shareworthy.

When you create shareworthy experiences for job seekers, it makes them feel valued. Welcomed. And ultimately, you attract more of the right kinds of job seekers to your staffing firm (both active and passive!).

How can you move the needle? First, realize that the candidate experience starts the moment an individual begins searching for jobs. Then, do these two things to increase talent engagement and attraction:

Make your jobs easier to find.

Job seekers have options these days. Lots and LOTS of options (did I mention they have lots of options?). If your jobs:

  • aren’t on the results pages of the search engines, job boards or aggregators where they’re looking;
  • don’t appear in the keyword searches they’re conducting;
  • don’t capture their attention;

…they’ll apply to the jobs that do. Make sure busy candidates can easily find the right jobs for them by:

  • Sending your jobs to more aggregators, including Indeed, Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter. A great job board will automate this process for you allowing you to: enter job orders once in your ATS; automatically post the jobs to you website using your company URL; then have those jobs submitted to other job boards, job aggregators and Google Jobs with no other manual intervention required.
  • Investing in a job board that fully supports indexing by Google. Google Jobs is transforming the way job seekers discover job openings, organically serving up jobs that comply with the Google Jobs schema requirements. The really cool part? Once your your jobs appear on Google Jobs, they’ll appear above job results on other websites (including the job boards), which will drive more candidates to your jobs and potentially lower your cost of recruitment advertising.
  • Revamping your job postings. Open a new tab in your browser and go to your job board. Now pretend you’re a job seeker and read a few of your postings (don’t worry; I’ll wait). Were you thrilled by what you read – and itching to apply? If so, great! But if not, commit to overhauling them. Treat your job postings as advertisements, not merely job descriptions. Sell the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) by explaining why the job is exceptional, first. You have just a few seconds to capture a candidate’s attention – make the most of it.

For more innovative ways to improve job postings and other aspects of your recruiting, download our free Idea Club article: Innovative Recruiting Ideas to Survive the Talent Drought.

Make applying to your jobs painless.

Reducing application friction is essential to a shareworthy candidate experience. So, how quick and convenient is it for candidates to apply with you – no matter what type of device they’re using? Here are a few tips to dramatically reduce candidate application abandonment rates by improving CX:

  • Kill the long application. Gather only the information that’s essential. A good rule of thumb? Make sure your application takes less than 15 minutes to complete on any type of device.
  • Think mobile first. That’s where your candidates are applying! Develop a mobile-optimized version of your application that loads in three seconds, has large buttons (that are easy to use on mobile devices) and doesn’t require scrolling or zooming to read.
  • Consider adding “finish later” functionality. Integrate technology that enables candidates to save a partially completed application and then pick up where they left off – either on their mobile device or on a desktop. Ideally, a candidate should be able to create and save a profile before moving on to answer specific application questions.
  • Integrate an ultrashort form. Sites like Indeed, Monster and ZipRecruiter allow you to dramatically simplify the application process by integrating an ultra-short form (name, email, upload resume) or using their one-click-apply features. Then, you can ask viable candidates to complete your full application before the interview. It turns a one-step apply process into two steps, but dramatically reduces application abandonment.

Even better? Job seekers can search specifically for “easy apply” jobs on these sites. If your jobs integrate the tech, they’ll show up in those searches.

Sound like a lot of work?

It is – but it’s essential in today’s employment market.

And we’re here to make easier! From our responsive web design services to our robust job board, Haley Marketing Group offers a full complement of solutions to deliver seamless experiences for your job seekers (and clients, too!).

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