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5 Customer Service Terms All Staffing Industry Professionals Should Know

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Like the staffing industry, customer service is undergoing major changes.

According to companies like Salesforce, social media, big data and even artificial intelligence are transforming the way customers interact with your staffing or recruiting firm, as well as the way you meet their needs. And along with those changes come – you guessed it – new terminology.

To deliver truly shareworthy service, you need to speak the language of customer service fluently!

Today’s post is designed to help. Whether you’re a staffing veteran or just cutting your teeth in the industry, here are 5 essential terms you should make part of your vernacular:

Customer Care

Customer care is a term used to describe how well you take care of employers and job seekers when they interact with your brand or staff. It includes anything your staffing agency does to tend to customers’ wishes, listen to their needs, and deliver the right solutions. Some experts further qualify the definition of customer care to include establishing an emotional connection with customers.

Customer Experience (CX)

Customer experience encompasses every type and instance of contact an employer or job seeker has with your staffing service – from the moment they first discover your brand through post-placement follow up. More than a series of discrete interactions, however, CX measures how customers feel about your agency overall, including the emotional, physical and psychological connections they have with your staffing firm’s brand.

Want to learn how your staffing or recruiting firm can deliver amazing client experiences? Download our free Guide to Staffing Client Satisfaction here.

Customer Journey

Every time a job seeker registers with you, each time a client places a staffing request, they go through a series of steps (often referred to as touchpoints – see below) that lead them through their experience with your agency:

  • For candidates, the journey begins with the moment they first hear about your staffing firm. It continues through the registration, interview, testing and placement processes, and it includes all the experiences they have while on assignment as an employee of your company.
  • For clients, a customer journey begins in the same way (i.e., with awareness). It includes every interaction that client has with your brand, your internal employees and your candidates, throughout the life of their relationship with your staffing firm.

Customer Touchpoints

In broad terms, a customer touchpoint is any instance where a customer interacts with a brand, product or service. For the typical staffing service, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of ways your staffing or recruiting firm can figuratively “touch” a customer – ranging from the way your website displays jobs to potential candidates, to the quality checks your account managers conduct once a temporary starts on assignment.

Want to learn more about customer touchpoints? Check out “Customer Touchpoints for Staffing and Recruiting Firms” for more information on this topic.

Customer Journey Map

A “customer journey map” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a diagram that visually charts a customer’s experience with your staffing service – from developing initial awareness, to engaging with your company, and through building a long-term professional relationship. The process of creating customer journey maps for your clients and candidates helps you: guide customers properly; identify opportunities for improving your customer service processes; and convert more prospects into clients – and more job seekers into placed candidates.

For a detailed review of the journey mapping process for your staffing service, read “Journey Mapping: What Paths Do Staffing Customers Take?

Need help raising the bar in customer service?

That’s what Haley Marketing is here for! Get in touch with one of our marketing educators to find out how we can help you deliver consistently shareworthy service for your clients and candidates.

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