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How to Boost Staffing Agency Blog Traffic

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Your blog is an important component of your website. When candidates or potential clients are researching staffing and job-search topics, they can find you through your blog. However, waiting for Google to index your content and generate traffic can be a slow burn. To really boost blog traffic, a social sharing strategy is required.

Recently, a Haley Marketing client came to us looking to get more mileage from their blog. Since 2014, they had been working hard to create engaging and useful content, but they didn’t have the time or the strategy in place to develop a plan for sharing that content on social media to connect with a wider audience. That meant that all the content they spent so much time creating wasn’t living up to its potential.

Putting a Blog to Work

After years of taking a wait-and-see approach with mediocre results, our client was ready to take action. The Haley Marketing team recommended Social Pro, a full-service social media strategy and execution program designed to improve social engagement, generate more traffic and increase inbound leads.

We were able to leverage all the content they had already created to help them connect with their target audience. Our social media team created engaging imagery and developed a social sharing strategy to spark new interest in and generate clicks to their blog. Through both organic and paid social posts, content was distributed to hiring managers and job seekers who were interested in their blog topics and would be likely to click through and read the content.

The Power of a Targeted Social Media Sharing Strategy

The results of this strategy were dramatic. In just eight months, we were able to help our client:

  • Increase blog traffic by 82.5%
  • Increase blog traffic from social media by 403.35%
  • Increase first-time blog visitors who found the site through social media by 1,267%

All that additional traffic and all those new connections allowed our client to connect with more candidates and potential clients.

You can get more information about this strategy and the ways Social Pro increased blog traffic by reading the full case study.

[Case Study] If No One Sees Your Content, Is It Really Working for You?

Is Your Blog Living Up to its Potential?

Blogging is an important component of any digital marketing strategy, but if you aren’t able to distribute your posts strategically, your content isn’t generating real ROI. If you’re ready to put your blog to work for your staffing firm and start seeing real results, contact the team at Haley Marketing today.

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