Too often in staffing, all your time is spent doing the exact same thing in the exact same way it’s always been done. But sometimes, the best way to see new or better results is to try something entirely new. And that “something new” might have nothing to do with staffing…

Take Domino’s Pizza for Example

Domino’s biggest product is hot and fast pizza. And whether you love or hate their recipe, they are constantly trying to change and evolve to meet their consumers’ needs; including their newest venture: filling potholes to ensure their pizzas “make it home safe.”



In a press release, Domino’s said their company is tired of potholes ruining “great-tasting pizza,” so they began their campaign to fix the pizza-obstacles. So far, Domino’s has filled potholes in Bartonville, Texas; Milford, Delaware; Athens, Georgia; and Burbank, California, with plans to expand even more.

So, What Does This Have to Do With Staffing?

On the surface, this is not related to staffing at all. But look at what Domino’s is doing: Finding a problem their customers and community are facing, and using their power to fix it – publicly. How can you apply this to your job?

With the candidate market the way it is right now, candidates aren’t looking for jobs, they’re tripping over them. So, what would make them choose you over any other company? (Don’t say service). Find the pain points (or potholes) your candidates are facing, and use your powers to fix them – publicly. Whether it’s pay, training, onboarding or anything else – ask your candidates and find out from the source – you have the ability to set yourself apart from the competition and be a true partner to your clients and candidates.

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