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This Website Design Edit Generated 172 Job Applications

Increasing Website Conversions
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Want to generate more applications from qualified job seekers in your local market?

Worried your website visitors aren’t converting into candidates?

In this article, you’ll learn how Haley Marketing Group helped a client generate 172 applications by properly creating a conversion funnel from their homepage.

Generating Job Applications through Your Job Board

What is the Purpose of a Staffing Website?

As I talk to Recruiters and Staffing Specialists throughout the industry, this question always comes back to two main goals:

  1. Generate More Applications
  2. Generate More Job Orders

While there are underlying tactical goals (ie: more pageviews, more blog readers) ultimately the purpose of a staffing website is to generate measurable business results.

Beautiful Does Not Mean Successful

Allow me to be blunt for a moment.

A beautiful website does not mean it’s serving its purpose.

Designing a Beautiful Website

There’s no questioning that the Mona Lisa is a beautiful painting.

But, if the Mona Lisa was tucked away into a supply closet for no one to see it wouldn’t be serving its purpose.

Your website can be gorgeous. But, it must also serve a very distinct purpose, to generate more applications and job orders.

If you’re thrilled at the looks of your site, but it’s not generating quantifiable results, it’s time to break down the design and rethink the conversion funnel that you’ve deployed.

What is a Website Conversion Funnel?

Over the past year, I’ve delivered The Road Map to Social Media Success at nearly one-dozen staffing industry conferences. One section that tends to generate the most engaging questions is related to calls to action and website conversion funnels.

The clip above is queued to the point of the presentation where I share my thoughts on this topic.

Put simply, a website conversion funnel is an ideal path that you want a job seeker to take when they land on your website. Take the following path for example.

  1. Website Visitor Lands on Your Homepage
  2. Website Visitor Navigates to Your Job Board
  3. Website Visitor Makes it to a Specific Application
  4. Website Visitor is Taken to a Thank You Page.

Keep in mind this is the ideal, best case scenario for a funnel.

Throughout that website visitors journey on your wesbite, they may read a piece of blog content, bounce over to a resource center, make it to a contact page and then complete the remaining steps of the application process.

While they may and often will do this, we can interrupt their journey by giving them the map to their next destination!

Calls to Action on a Website

With a conversion funnel in mind, the next step in the process is to create and deploy distinct calls to action.

What are Calls to Action (CTAs)?

As David Searns, CEO of Haley Marketing Group, shared in a blog post last June, a CTA is a call to action – a mechanism that directs people where you want them to go and gets them to take the action that you want them to take.

Additional Reading: Want Your Website to Do More for You? Drive Action from Visitors

Enough Theory Brad…I Need Proof they Work!

HTSS Inc. is a local, woman-owned staffing service proudly serving the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. With round the clock service, they supply top-level talent and provide creative HR solutions to employers throughout the Lehigh Valley.

HTSS Inc. came to us with one very specific goal:

This is our busiest time of the year for hiring for [COMPANY NAME]. We need to do something to attract candidates.

The Solution:

Before jumping to conclusions we checked the data.

The HTSS Inc. job board was generating a ton of traffic…but there was one small issue.

The targeted job was only receiving 4.1% of collective job board traffic to various jobs listed.

Then We Thought About the Conversion Funnel

Traffic to the website and Job Board was positive, however, traffic to that specific job was lacking. Armed with our newest Call to Action plugin, we decided to deploy a Homepage FlyIn that drove visitors to the priority job.

The Results?

The data doesn’t lie.

Traffic to the targeted job on their job board climbed like a rocket. Receiving 11.88% of collective job board traffic to various jobs listed.

How Can We Confirm This Job Board Traffic Came from the Fly-In?

Using UTM Parameters in Google Analytics, we can track specific clicks from one page on a website to another. This tells us if the conversion funnel and call to action banner are working as intended.

Traffic Drop from No Call to Action Banner

The Call to Action banner featured on the homepage was responsible for 1,085 sessions on that particular job throughout the time it was deployed (47.65% of total traffic to that job).

Need More Confirmation that it Works?

The two red arrows on the graph above show a two-week period when the call to action banner was turned off. It was only turned on and tested by Haley Marketing as we troubleshooted a technical issue with the display of the FlyIn.

Not only did traffic to the particular job go down during this timeframe, but it also shot right up when the banner was reactivated.

Traffic to the Job is Great…But what about applications?

In a three week test, we were able to attribute over 170 applications to this initiative!

What Does this Mean for You and Your Staffing Firm?

When it comes to website design, obsess over the goal of each page. If you’re working with our team of Project Managers on your website design, we’ve got you covered!

However, if your website has been around for a few months or years, it might be time to take a moment to look at key pages and draw out what the next ideal step should be for a candidate or hiring manager.

Need Help with Your Next Website Design?

No one builds more websites for staffing and recruiting firms than Haley Marketing. We’ve been supporting the staffing industry since 1996.

We test our sites on the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. We also test on desktop and mobile. And we monitor the performance of our servers 24/7/365 with better than 99.994% uptime!

But that’s not all!

We’re the ONLY web development company in the staffing industry with a full-time support team. We also provide free training webinars and an online help desk with free video training and an extensive knowledgebase.

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