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How to Achieve Social Media Brand Consistency for Staffing Firm Franchises

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Creating an effective social media strategy is hard enough for a single staffing firm office. When you add national franchises into the mix, it can feel impossible. Franchised companies struggle to give their local offices an individual feel while maintaining corporate brand consistency. But with the right marketing team behind you, it is possible to strike that critical balance.

With Growth Comes Challenges

TRC Staffing Services is a full-service staffing firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1980, TRC has expanded nationally, with over 20 franchises in 12 states. TRC was looking for a way to coordinate social media marketing in a way that improved engagement and traffic at the corporate level, guaranteed messaging continuity among franchises, yet also spoke to the unique market of each location. For such a strategy to be successful, it also had to be easily implemented by each busy location.

This was the challenge plaguing TRC Staffing Services when they asked Haley Marketing Group for help. Our social media team recommended Social Pro, a full-service social media strategy and execution program designed to improve social engagement, generate more traffic and increase inbound leads. A custom strategy would allow TRC to boost traffic, ensure consistency and would also increase the presence of local franchise offices.

Achieving Franchisor Buy-In Through Data (And Results)

The first step was to coordinate a blogging and social sharing program that would distribute posts and job board links to each franchise’s social media page. The next step was to come up with a long-term strategy that would both support TRC’s corporate marketing and add real value to franchise locations.

The key to this phase was to start slowly with a few offices and include the participating franchise in the process to promote buy-in. Each office received custom reports to keep them informed about the progress of both their individual social media metrics as well as TRC website data relevant to them. TRC’s corporate marketing team held regular meetings with Haley Marketing group to discuss problems, pivots and tactics at the corporate level and to customize next steps and strategies for each franchise.

The results were successful. The social sharing program boosted page likes for the initial participating franchises by 400+ over three months and a new TRC franchise owner made over 1,000 relevant LinkedIn connections. Since the initial rollout, more franchises have joined the program, and the TRC brand is growing in each of these markets. Currently, ads are being seen over 100,000 times per month through these initiatives.

You can read more about TRC’s strategy and results in a full case study.

Ready to Boost Your Franchises?

Nancy Wright Whatley, the Vice President of Franchise at TRC said, “Our franchise owners have benefited greatly from the strategy that is in place, and this has made it much easier to support their individual needs and also build a stronger connection between our corporate office and those locations. We have also been told by many customers they found our company because of how it came up on Google and Social Media. This wouldn’t have happened for many of our franchise markets without Haley being involved.”

If your staffing company is ready to strike the critical social media marketing balance between local franchises and your corporate office, contact Haley Marketing Group today.

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