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How One Company Leveraged Social Media for 10+ National Franchises

Staffing companies with national franchise offices have unique challenges when it comes to marketing. How do you support your franchises and ensure consistent brand messaging while speaking to the uniqueness of each market and the priorities of each office? This is how Haley Marketing helped one company successfully strike that critical balance.

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Case Study at a Glance

Staffing companies with national franchise offices have unique challenges when it comes to marketing. This is how Haley Marketing helped one company successfully strike that critical balance.

The Challenge:

TRC Staffing Services was looking to find meaningful ways to improve social engagement and support its franchises through social media marketing.

The Solution:

Leverage Social Pro, Haley Marketing’s full-service, custom social media strategy to increase engagement, exposure and targeted traffic.

The Results:

We helped our client:

  • Earn 400+ page likes for each franchise location over a three-month span.
  • Generate 1,000 LinkedIn connections for a new TRC franchise owner.
  • Boost social effectiveness overall for both the TRC brand and its locations.

Client Background and Challenges

Founded in 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia, TRC Staffing Services has since expanded to over 20 offices and franchises in 12 states. They provide temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct hire services to dynamic clients of all sizes.

As with any national franchise model, coordinating marketing efforts is necessary but challenging. It is important to keep consistent branding and messaging, but each franchise must also speak to the uniqueness of its own market and they must find the time to prioritize a social strategy. TRC Staffing Services wanted to improve engagement and increase traffic at the corporate level, while also getting buy-in from franchise owners to boost their own social presence.

The Solution

First, Haley Marketing coordinated a blogging and social sharing program to distribute blogs to the social pages of franchise offices. Our team also included additional social sharing links to TRC’s job board and contact pages.

Next, our social media team developed strategies and tactics to support the overall TRC corporate marketing strategy and add value to the franchises.

The goals were to:

  • Expand social sharing.
  • Grow TRC’s audience.
  • Improve direct marketing and email marketing effectiveness.
  • Get more marketing buy-in from franchise owners by including them in decision-making and data analysis.

The final strategy included:

  • An initial schedule of regular calls between Haley Marketing and TRC to discuss problems, pivots and tactics at the corporate level.
  • Individual monthly reports were created for franchise owners to help them stay invested and informed on specific website data relevant to them.
  • Haley Marketing’s social media team coordinated with corporate to identify gaps in each franchise’s social media strategy to customize next steps for each location.

Enhance Reach of Job Postings

The team created branded images to promote job openings and strategically boosted TRC posts through a paid advertising strategy. Through boosting, those ads were able to get directly in front of local users interested in finding work.







The Results

Overall, the social sharing program was expanded to support two franchise markets’ recruiting and sales efforts generating:

  • 400+ page likes for each franchise location over a three-month span.
  • 1,000 relevant LinkedIn connections made for a new TRC franchise owner to support sales and recruiting efforts.

Overall, the Facebook and LinkedIn audiences of six other franchises were expanded to support their social recruiting and sales efforts. The TRC brand is quickly expanding in those markets with their ads being seen on Facebook over of 100,000 times per month through these initiatives.

In our client’s words:

“We have been working with the Haley Marketing team for a little over a year and have seen a major increase in traffic through our Social Media platforms. Their blogging and Social Pro programs designed specifically for us are a direct result. Aaron Eastlack and the rest of the team have done an outstanding job working with our corporate team and franchise owners to customize marketing programs that will be most effective for us. Our franchise owners have benefited greatly from the strategy that is in place and this has made it much easier to support their individual needs and also build a stronger connection between our corporate office and those locations. We have also been told by many customers they found our company because of how it came up on Google and Social Media. This wouldn’t have happened for many of our franchise markets without Haley being involved. The Social Pro, blogging programs, custom projects and other services have really elevated our presence in our markets across the country. Thanks, Haley Team. We appreciate your expertise in the area of social media”

Nancy Wright Whatley Vice President, Franchise, TRC Staffing Services

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