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People Are Looking for Knowledge – Do You Have It?

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In the world of content marketing, our main goal is to attract prospects to our business by creating original, engaging content. But one of the biggest things prospects are looking for is your personal knowledge. Are you sharing any of it?

No matter your role in a company, you have a wealth of staffing and recruiting information. Even if it’s just something you picked up in a webinar, a stat you read in a business journal, or a glowing testimonial from a candidate, you have knowledge prospects need to hear – and are desperately searching for!

The three biggest categories of knowledge and inquiries people search for fall into the following three categories:

  • Inspiration

  • Education

  • Answers

So, how can you share your knowledge while you inspire, educate and answer your prospects? Use the following advice!

  1. Blog.

    You have amazing thoughts, inspiring words, educational topics and questions to pressing answers – why not put them on your company blog? Blogs don’t have to be Pulitzer Prize-quality articles. Write down what you know: answers to questions you frequently face, industry news, an interesting tidbit you think employers, candidates or industry pros should know, and publish away! Pro tip: Have someone you trust check for spelling and grammar. But if it’s not perfect, don’t sweat it, it’s still better than nothing!

  2. Email.

    Not everyone will have the fortune of finding your articles, even after you take the time to write them. Want a shortcut? Send them directly to people’s inboxes! Email is still outperforming most modes of marketing, so if you want to get to where everyone is, send your knowledge directly to them.

  3. Social.

    Facebook and LinkedIn Groups are getting the most traffic right now. Are you posting there? Chances are slim, but if you did, you’d see how far-reaching you knowledge could be, and how you can enrich the lives of candidates, clients and the staffing/recruiting industry – jut by sharing what you already know!

Want help getting your message across the internet? Let Haley Marketing create a content marketing strategy for you that will share your knowledge and bring the right people back to your website and through your recruitment funnel.

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