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Measuring Marketing ROI in Staffing – Direct Mail Campaigns (part 2 of 3)

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Assessing the return from a sales-oriented mail campaign can be relatively easy. Just add up the costs of producing the campaign and compare it to the sales generated. Coded response forms, PURLs, landing pages, and keyed phone numbers can be used to measure the exact response to a specific direct mail campaign.

Direct Mail Campaigns

But what about campaigns that don’t result in direct sales? Here are some metrics you may want to track:

  • Number of inquiries or responses

  • Number of appointments generated

  • Number of qualified sales leads produced

  • Cost per inquiry

  • Cost per appointment

  • Cost per qualified lead

The secret to effective direct mail is to set specific goals, determine the minimum level of response you will find acceptable, and then track the most appropriate results. Of course, you’ll have to create the right tracking tools. For example, you could:

  1. Convert your mailing list into a tracking spreadsheet.
  2. Set specific follow-up dates, and closely track activity by each sales rep.
  3. Mail in batches so that your sales reps can easily follow up with every prospect.
  4. Compare call to appointment ratios for all sales reps. If one rep is excelling, determine what tactic they are using that is making them so successful.
  5. At the end of the campaign, or at set intervals such as the end of each month or quarter, review your tracking spreadsheets to determine:
    • How many appointments were set.
    • How many sales were generated.
    • The full value of those sales plus full lifetime value.

My next installment will explain measuring Marketing ROI in staffing for Email Marketing and your staffing website.

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