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7 Recruiting Strategies to Survive “Indeedmageddon” Part 7: Getting Creative

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By now, you’ve probably heard about Indeed’s upcoming policy change.

Effective January 7, 2019, if you want your jobs to be on Indeed, you must be sponsoring your jobs on Indeed.

So now what?

Don’t panic; we’re here to help. We’ve created an eBook for surviving “Indeedmageddon” – and thriving in the coming “new normal.”

Today, I’m wrapping my 7-post series based on this eBook. Each post is dedicated to a specific recruiting strategy your firm can use to manage the loss of free job posts on Indeed.

If you missed any of these earlier installments, click the link to read the full post:

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Strategy 2: Optimizing Your Career Site & ATS

Strategy 3: Social Recruiting

Strategy 4: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Strategy 5: Employment Branding

Strategy 6: Improving the Candidate Experience

Strategy 7: Getting Creative

Option 1: Create client-specific career sites

If your client does not already have a career site, offer to provide one. Even if your client already has a career site, offer to create a secondary career site just for temporary jobs.

With a client-branded site that you provide, you can post and manage the jobs the client has asked your company to fill, and your client can directly manage other jobs they want to fill on their own.

By partnering on a career site, you’ll get better access to your clients’ upcoming hiring needs, and since the jobs are on an employer site, you may be able to get them onto more career sites (no promises, but it’s worth a try!).

Also, by marketing jobs in connection with your client, you may improve your response by leveraging your client’s name in your job advertising and social recruiting.

Option 2: Move from staffing vendor to talent acquisition partner

When clients are really demanding, it can be hard to remember “we’re all in this together.” In fact, when you have an unfilled job order, it hurts your company’s profitability—but it might hurt your clients even more.

Right now is an ideal time to partner with your clients. Help them develop more robust strategies to resolve all their recruiting challenges and elevate your position from that of a staffing vendor to a true talent acquisition partner. As a talent acquisition partner, you could:

  • Provide workforce planning.
  • Be more consultative in developing and implementing recruiting strategies.
  • Assist with developing position descriptions.
  • Manage temporary staffing as an on-site or primary vendor.
  • Provide direct hire recruiting or RPO services.
  • Help clients define and build their employment brands.
  • Provide job advertising consultation or outsource the management of their job advertising.
  • Create a career site just for the client’s staffing needs (separate from their main career site).
  • Define and implement social recruiting strategies for your clients.

As a talent acquisition partner, you elevate your role above the commodity-level staffing services most of your competitors offer, and position your firm as a more valuable hiring partner. You also give your company an inside track on upcoming hiring needs!

Indeed maybe taking away your freebies…

But that just opens the door to becoming more strategic and efficient with your recruiting! I hope you’ve found value in the recruiting strategies and tactics I’ve shared in these posts. As you look to develop and test new ways to approach recruiting in 2019, we’d love to be a partner to your firm. We offer a full suite of recruitment marketing services, including:

  • Career site development (for you or your clients)
  • Employment branding
  • Social recruiting
  • Reputation management
  • Programmatic job advertising management

To learn more about any of our services or brainstorm ideas specifically to help your firm, contact us at 1.888.696.2900 or [email protected].

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