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Google+ is Gone, So Now What?

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At its peak, Google+ had 540 million active monthly worldwide users, who interacted with the platform in a multitude of ways, including Gmail, YouTube Comments, +1 buttons and more.

While for many people, Google+ never quite caught on as much as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, it was still a valuable tool in the staffing industry’s ability to reach and interact with potential candidates. Its loss will require some adjustments to overcome if you hope to land the most qualified candidates and clients.

What can we do to overcome the loss of a social media site?

The simplest, most basic answer? A larger investment in your current social media strategy. When Google+ first came out, services like Facebook Jobs and LinkedIn searches either weren’t available or didn’t have nearly the capabilities they currently do. If you were using Google+ to search for qualified applicants for job entries, these candidates are almost certainly signed up for Facebook, LinkedIn or even Twitter. By adding a higher focus to the still-existing social media sites, you should be able to reach a similar, if not entirely same, audience.

Besides other social media channels, what can we do?

Haley Marketing planned for the loss of Google+ in many ways, one being our new PPC services. By investing in the ability to target clients all across Google’s network, you can reach both candidates and clients directly when they’re looking for jobs/staffing firms. If someone visits another staffing site, or searches on Google for “Jobs in my area” or any number of terms, you can have ads appear to them immediately and “follow them around” to different websites. We’re able to still take advantage of Googles expansive reach, but in a different way than Google+ previously allowed.

PPC is a proven and effective way to reach clients, especially if you’re feeling the effect of losing a social media network like Google+.

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