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Why Should Staffing Specialists Invest Their Time on Facebook Groups and Facebook Communities?

Acquiring Clients in 2020 | Staffing Podcast
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The following transcript was taken from InSights, a staffing and recruiting podcast from Haley Marketing Group dedicated to providing quick-hitting takeaways on Social Recruiting, Content Marketing and Employer Branding. To listen to the episode, click play on the player above or visit the episode page [InSights] Every Post Has a Purpose


Brad Bialy: We’re constantly testing new social media tactics at Haley Marketing Group through our Social Pro product. On today’s seen and heard I want to talk about a test that came up during our weekly social media team meeting.

Brad Bialy: Matt, let’s talk about Facebook groups.

Matt Lozar: Let’s talk about them. What do you want to know?

Brad Bialy: From a Facebook group standpoint, why should staffing firms, why should recruiters, staffing specialists be investing their time into Facebook groups and into those Facebook communities?

Matt Lozar: Long story short, they work, but we’ll dig into that a little bit more. It’s working because it’s helping us increase our reach. Let’s say, we can share a job into that group instead of having to go to Facebook to advertise you can go into job seekers in Wichita, Kansas and there’s already people who have joined that group who wanted to join that group because they’re looking for a new job in the Wichita, Kansas area.

Matt Lozar: Not only are you increasing the reach from the followers of your staff and staffing agency’s Facebook page you’re also increasing that reach by joining a Facebook group of people who are already in the conversation, they’re already in that Facebook group looking for jobs. We have their attention, and that’s something that’s really big in this seemingly always evolving content marketing, or social media landscape. It’s Facebook groups are working right now, are they going to be working in July, are they going to be working January/February 2020, 2021? We don’t know.

Matt Lozar: One of those challenges in running social media and content marketing in 2019 is being able to pivot quickly and take advantage of that attention when it’s working.

Brad Bialy: If you’re unfamiliar with Facebook groups I’m going to walk through how to access and find a Facebook group. If you go to facebook.com and you’re logged in as yourself in that main search bar at the top of your screen type in your city that you specialize in, that you service, and then type in jobs. For this specific example and case study that I’m going to walk through I’m going to type in ‘Atlanta jobs.’ From there, at the top, you’re going to click on ‘groups’ in the secondary navigation that’s going to pop up you’ll click ‘groups.’ Groups from that screen you can join these groups and become an active member, and you can start listening to what people are saying, and you can add value when the time is right.

Brad Bialy: For example, search for jobs in Atlanta, Georgia has 17,000 members, so if you’re a staffing firm serving Atlanta, Georgia this is a great place for you to check every single morning to see if anybody is looking for work in Atlanta. When they are if there’s an opportunity that you can provide send a link back to your job board. Or say, “Hey Brad, looks like you’re looking for a new opportunity in Atlanta. I would love to personally help. Shoot me a message or give me a call when you have the time.” Join these groups first, listen to the conversation, and then join the conversation.

Brad Bialy: From a case study standpoint, I had mentioned that we’re testing Facebook groups with our Social Pro product at Haley Marketing Group. In Atlanta, we have a client called Happy Faces Personnel Group, so this past week we ran a job opportunity into seven Atlanta groups just to test what would happen. Not only did we see a significant increase in terms of how many people saw the post and impressions on Facebook, but looking at Google Analytics we saw almost a 1500% increase in traffic back to that client’s job board because of Facebook as a referral source. We saw an increase in traffic to the job board, which ultimately lead to significantly higher applications during that five-day span.

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Matt Lozar: That’s a great example Brad, and it shows it’s working. It shows that people are engaging with that content. Tying in our other segments here, the purpose of that post was to drive active job seekers. There could be passive job seekers in that group, but a pretty good assumption is that active job seekers are joining a group that says jobs in Atlanta. Then, if you really want to take it to that next step from segment one what can you write in the headline of that post to get someone to click on your job? Your staffing agency or your team of recruiters isn’t going to be the only person doing this.

Matt Lozar: When I was at a conference in Texas last year there was a staffing agency there that was talking about the success they were seeing in Facebook groups. It was awesome to hear because it was actually one of our clients, but it was someone who we hadn’t directly educated, but had gone out, understood social was important, saw success in a Facebook group, and continued to push their jobs and their content into that group of active job seekers and, like that data Brad showed, sees results.

Brad Bialy: Just one thing that I want to finish with here as we wrap up this segment Matt is a point that I alluded to is listen first and talk second. Think about a networking event that you go to. You don’t want to just join the conversation and instantly start talking about yourself. You don’t want to have this me first mentality, and the same is true with a Facebook group. You don’t want to join the group and just start posting job, after job, after job. Instead, you want to join the conversation, you want to listen to what others are saying, listen to the question that others are asking, and when you can add that value then start to link back to jobs, link back to other blog posts that you’ve put together, but listen first and then talk second.

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