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Why Customer Service Is More Than a Job Title

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Customer service representative. Customer support associate. Help desk support. Customer relationship specialist. Customer experience manager.

Do a quick search for “customer service jobs” and you will find endless job titles for those who work on the front lines of client service. And there are obvious reasons why – businesses who want to stay ahead of the competition need to show not just that they care when something goes wrong, but that they are proactive about providing shareworthy service that makes it worth your while to stick around throughout the entire customer journey.

Whether it’s in your job title or not, everyone has a responsibility to create those shareworthy moments whenever there’s an opportunity. Why? At any level of an organization, taking time to show you care about the people you work with shows you are sincere about how much they matter to your staffing company.

Think of all the touchpoints you have throughout each day with clients, candidates and even your internal team. From emails, to phone calls, to face-to-face meetings, each interaction gives us a chance to deliver a wow.

For example, think about the following:

  • Attitude: Are you kind to those you interact with? Could a pleasant greeting, understanding disposition or smile take a situation from good to great?
  • Convenience: How do you reduce friction for clients and candidates to save frustration and make their lives easier?
  • Solutions: When a problem arises, how efficiently are you able to fix it? Not only that, what do you do after to make sure it doesn’t happen again or that you will be better prepared for next time?
  • Process: Does your staffing firm have steps in place to address unhappy clients? To reach out to happy clients and show them your appreciation?

Looking for more shareworthy service tips?

Check out more blog posts here or reach out to the team at Haley Marketing Group!

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