Too Many Job Orders And Too Few Candidates?

…Haley Marketing Group has a solution for that.

Now through August 31 as part of our Hot Summer Deals, we are offering a FREE recruiting roadmap!

What is a Recruiting Roadmap?

“That’s great,” you’re probably thinking, “but what is a recruiting roadmap?”

You wouldn’t take a summer road trip without your trusty GPS. Maps lay out a path for you to reach your ultimate destination. If your goal (destination) is to attract more qualified candidates, a recruiting roadmap will get you there.

In a recruiting roadmap, experts from Haley Marketing Group will analyze the four pillars of your recruitment marketing:

  1. Your career site
  2. Your social recruiting
  3. Your job advertising
  4. Your employment brand

Then, we put together a detailed and specific action plan to attract talent and get more people applying to your jobs.

And because it’s FREE you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Reserve Your Free Recruiting Roadmap Today

If you’re ready to reserve your free recruiting roadmap – or if you want to talk to a recruitment marketing expert, contact our team online or call us directly at 1.888.696.2900 today.


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