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Are you looking for an edge? A visual grappling hook for your company? Never fear.
As 2019 eases into its final months, 2020 looms on the horizon with familiar yet fresh takes on graphics that will make clients and candidates alike take notice. Read more, and check out the infographic below to get a sneak peek into the future of design!


Say what you want to say – simple, to the point, large and in charge. Get your points across with billboard bravado and succinct accuracy. Whether you choose a fearless face through color, concept, typeface or illustration is up to you, but rest assured, 2020 will be loud and proud.

Keep it Moving

Another trend that began to dance into the spotlight in 2019 is kinetic design. This can be achieved on a literal sense with videos and interactivity, or in a simpler static visual manner with dynamic patterns, organic shapes, and text on paths that lead you to a bright spot in your day.

Back to the Future

While never fully out of style, retro design is having a moment. Whether it’s the post modern timelessness of Saul Bass style chunky shape language or a hearkening to the simple and clean design style of the early 1930s, vintage typefaces and layouts will be a feel-good staple in 2020.

Smooth Grades (Gradients, that is)

The gradual shift of one color into another has been a popular design tactic for a few years now, and doesn’t appear to be going out of style anytime soon. A little can go a long way from giving a flat design more depth to injecting some retro-futuristic 1980s flair and excitement into your life.

Creamy Colors

Mint. Cherry. Strawberry. Blueberry. No, not just great ice cream flavors- look for these popular hues in your local ads. Smooth pastels and pops of gold give a cool feel to the coming year’s fresh takes on color combos.

Whatever your flavor, 2020 looks to be focused on simplicity. Remember; Less is More!

Want to hear more?

Check out our design focused episode of InSights, with Brad Bialy, Sara Dziadaszek, and Josie Eberts!


Design Trends for 2020

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