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Your Staffing Firm’s Unsung Hero

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The guy who washes the dishes in a restaurant is as important as the chef.

Don’t believe me? Ask yourself this:

How much would you enjoy your favorite meal if it were served to you on a dirty plate?

Your staffing firm is no different than a restaurant. Sometimes, the lowest paying, lowest visibility jobs in your staffing firm are the most important to customer experience.

Today’s shareworthy service lesson?

Make sure everyone (including unsung service heroes) gets the recognition they deserve!

In your staffing or recruiting firm, the job of a receptionist or billing coordinator may not be the most glamorous or lucrative. But when it comes to delivering great service (both internally and externally) and creating amazing customer experiences, every person who works in your agency plays an important part. Whether it’s greeting callers with a smile in their voice, or going the extra mile to resolve the smallest billing discrepancy, your staff’s actions and attitudes impact your service. Your reputation. And your bottom line.

Are you recognizing everyone who provides great customer service?

Here are a few important tips for ensuring all your service heroes receive the recognition they deserve for a job well done:

  • Level the playing field. Create reward and recognition opportunities that everyone – regardless of tenure, seniority, role or department – can benefit from. Make sure that the processes you develop for praising and recognizing your team is fair and consistent.
  • Match the recognition to the action or achievement. For that employee who did a great job defusing an upset temp, a simple pat on the back may be appropriate. For the individual or team whose service efforts won back a huge former client, more substantial and formal recognition may be warranted. Effective recognition for great service comes in all forms; match the praise/reward to the effort and results.
  • Be timely. Recognizing great customer service is most impactful when it’s delivered quickly.
  • Be specific. Go beyond “Great job!” and detail the behavior and/or attitude that led to the great result. Specifying the actions, effort and outcomes helps everyone in your firm understand what amazing service looks like – and learn from the experience.
  • Do it regularly! Praising your team for delivering shareworthy service is easy and free. Brainstorm a variety of ways to celebrate wins – big and small, formal and informal, public and private – so you have multiple, frequent opportunities to recognize great customer service.

Recognizing and rewarding everyone on your staff who provides exceptional service creates a positive cycle of action that builds a stronger service culture. If you haven’t made a New Year’s resolution yet for your agency, “recognizing shareworthy service” is one I highly recommend!

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