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Why Aren’t My Social Posts Getting Likes?

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You’ve done everything you have to do – you’ve planned out your social media schedule, created eye-catching imagery and witty, but informative captions, and set aside time to post content to your social media accounts actively. Only to feel like your social media posts aren’t attracting likes and engagement as you hoped.

Where did you go wrong? Let’s break down a few key reasons why your social media posts may not be performing well.

How Often Are You Posting?

Every social media platform functions on its own algorithm, and it can be tricky to find the perfect balance between posting enough and posting too much. Instead of focusing on an exact number, you’ll benefit the most from two factors: consistency and quality. With respect to algorithms, content that is engaged with the most shows up more often, and content that is scarcely engaged with does not show up frequently.

Therefore, you want to make sure that the content you’re pushing attracts the most engagement — quality over quantity. If you’re posting four times per day now and spreading out your attention and engagement, think about scaling down to two posts and really maximize your audience’s attention then.

Are Your Posts Encouraging Your Audience?

When it comes to content and context, think about your own user experience on social media. We’re in a world of Scroll Culture. Day in and out, we are surrounded by all the content that is available at our fingertips. Think to yourself: What would get me to stop scrolling?

Now, this can be in words you use in your caption, but it can also be the medium in which you are posting. There’s always a time and place, but in recent years, video content has attracted more engagement on Facebook than photos. More so because video truly makes you stop scrolling.

Is the Right Audience Following You?

You’ve thought out your posts and added in the right video, photo or gif… but you’re still not seeing the engagement and likes you hoped. Let’s backtrack and look at your followers.

  • Are a lot of bots or fake accounts following you?
  • Are you running ads? If so, you’ll want to review and analyze the audience you’re targeting.
    • Is your audience too broad? Are you targeting the right geographic region?
  • Does your audience consume content where you’re posting? Survey them.

Social media algorithms and trends are constantly evolving. If you want to ensure your company is up-to-date on the latest trends and has a strategic plan in place, connect with the Social Media Marketing Advisors today at Haley Marketing Group for more information.

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