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Why NOW is the Time for the Staffing Industry to Double Down on SEO

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We are in the midst of crazy times right now. There is no shortage of media coverage about the Coronavirus, social distancing, healthcare supply concerns and more. Media consumption and Internet traffic is possibly at its highest point…ever.

With this increase in traffic, comes potential. While some staffing and recruiting companies are looking to make cuts, others are doubling down to gain more market share.

Here’s Why SEO May the Right Investment, Right Now

“Temporary” Search Traffic is Peaking

Google’s search research tools allow us to see how certain keywords and categories trend. Notice anything interesting? Yep, that huge spike in traffic that is happening now. Traffic related to temporary jobs, temporary, employment, temporary staffing is at its highest point in over a year. There is an opportunity for savvy staffing companies to take advantage.

Traffic to the Big Boys Is Increasing

With an increase in keyword traffic, some of the big players in the industry are seeing higher traffic volumes too. Google is showing a big increase in search volume for companies like Robert Half:

Robert Half Traffic

Essential Businesses Are Hiring – and They NEED HELP!

Healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, delivery, IT. These industries need people and they need them quickly. A general search like “Day Labor” is up a whopping 80% and climbing:


The Staffing Industry Will Be the First to Recover

Historically, the staffing industry has been one of the first to recover after a downturn. As companies ramp back up and need to meet pent up demand, they will inevitably need to hire and will turn to staffing and recruiting companies.

Investing in your search engine presence now will help ensure your company is at the top of search results when the economy rebounds. It can also help ensure you outperform your competition and end up with increased market share.

Ready to Capitalize on Increased Search Traffic?

We can help. Haley Marketing’s SEO and digital marketing services will help you increase visibility, drive more traffic, secure more job orders and get more candidate traffic.

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