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Fueling the Staffing Industry’s Recovery: Haley Marketing Announces New Low-Cost, High-Impact Marketing Solutions

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Williamsville, NY — Haley Marketing, the largest website development, social and content marketing firm serving the temporary staffing and executive recruiting industries, is pleased to announce three new low-cost, high-impact marketing solutions for staffing and recruiting firms. Designed to make digital marketing more effective – and more cost-effective – these services give staffing account managers the tools they need to sell in today’s new reality.

Three New Low-Cost Marketing Services

Work restrictions are being lifted across the nation, and more businesses are reopening each day. As our economy’s gears begin cranking again, staffing sales teams must find new ways to capture the attention of employers who need great people.

By waiving setup fees for a limited time and leveraging state of the art technology, Haley Marketing’s new marketing solutions stretch staffing firms’ marketing budgets further, equipping them to sell more – and recover faster:

1) HaleyMail Lead Generation

Featuring high-value educational eBooks and rich media content, email marketing, and website visitor tracking, this solution creates more inbound sales leads – and can make outbound sales calls more productive.

What’s included:

  • eBooks and Landing Pages capture warm leads and provide new reasons for sales follow up
  • Email and Social Marketing engages decision-makers and drives them to eBooks and client website
  • Seasonal and Promotional Emails generate immediate response
  • Call-to-Action Fly-in Manager (available for Haley Marketing website clients) increases website response by up to 70 percent
  • Website Visitor Tracking allows clients to see which companies visit their website and provides a steady stream of prospects to contact

2) Talent On Demand

Position your staffing company to capitalize on the need for just-in-time talent as America gets back to work.

The Talent On Demand service combines Haley Marketing’s Talent Showcase (skill marketing) software with email marketing, and website visitor tracking to provide highly qualified sales leads to staffing companies.

What’s included:

  • Talent Showcase searchable MPC web portal integrates seamlessly with client website to highlight available talent, and allows employers to submit inquiries directly to recruiters
  • Email Marketing promotes the Talent On Demand service and drives employers to the Talent Showcase
  • Website Visitor Tracking allows client to see which companies visit their website and provides a steady stream of prospects to contact

3) Digital Sales Toolkit

Designed to help staffing companies to sell remotely, the Digital Sales Toolkit provides video email and video marketing, a branded library of educational content for employers, and other digital marketing tools to enhance remote prospecting.

What’s included:

  • Video NOW easy to use video creation software for video email and fully branded testimonial and case study videos
  • 2020 COVID Recovery Resource Center provides valuable content to help employers effectively manage today’s unique workforce challenges
  • Email Marketing to skill market available talent and drive employers to the COVID resource center
  • Branded Zoom Backgrounds customize the look of Zoom interviews and meetings
  • Facebook Profile Frame offers custom overlays to enhance client profile picture
  • Website Visitor Tracking allows client to see which companies visit their website and provides a steady stream of prospects to contact

Generate leads…even when budgets are tight.

According to CEO David Searns, “Right now many staffing companies need to limit their spending, but most don’t want to have to cut marketing. To solve this dilemma, we developed new tools, added even more free services, and waived many of our setup fees. With these low-cost services, staffing companies are able to keep their firm’s brand, jobs and talent front-and-center, while showing employers the value of staffing in this economy. These solutions allow clients to continue generating new sales leads, during a time when visibility is critical and budgets are tight.”

For more information on these marketing solutions, contact a marketing educator today or call 888.696.2900.

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