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Lone Star Staffing is a full-service staffing agency focused on providing clerical and light industrial staffing solutions to manufacturers, distribution centers and other organizations that need qualified, reliable workers. Their goal is to help their clients meet seasonal production demands, drive productivity, control cost and better manage liability. Lone Star Staffing goes to great lengths to carefully assess their workers’ skills, experience and work ethic to ensure they are putting the right people into the right companies.

They reached out to Haley Marketing Group to give their website a facelift to be sleek and professional like their sister company’s site,which HMG also created. Considering their main office locations are in Texas, Western-themed imagery was used throughout the site. The layout of the new site was similar to their sister company’s site for a congruent look. A background video on the top of the home page was built in to attract attention and further support the Texas theme.

Visit their updated site at

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