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FAQ: How Long Will My Project Take?

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You’re all fired up to start your new project with Haley Marketing Group – and so are we!

A burning question often heard from our clients is, “How long will my project take?”

The answer partly depends on the type of project it is…

(Shameful pitch: check out all of the services we offer!)

…and the answer also depends on you!

For example, website and collateral projects start out with a questionnaire to understand your business and project goals – the more quickly you are able to complete and return it, then the more quickly we can move to the next step in the process. This is true for each step in the process – the sooner we receive feedback/answers to questions/logo files etc., then the more quickly we can grab the first open spot in the schedule for you. Another tip to help, is to let us know if you have a due date. The earlier we know, then the better we can plan for you. And we love to plan!

We understand you have a business to run, and your marketing project might not always be your first priority. Please know if you have to miss a deadline, even by a day, we will then get you back into the work schedule in the first available opening. (We can’t bump off others who are already on the schedule!) If you ever need more time, please simply let us know as early as you can, so we can adjust our schedule in advance. We will always work with you to find a solution.

Do you have another red-hot question? Please check out Haley Marketing’s blog for answers!

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