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The One Email Marketing Factor You’re Overlooking

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“Consistency is key.”

It’s repeated so often, the saying almost becomes noise. However, in email marketing, this phrase is a cold hard fact. With over 306 billion emails1 estimated to be sent this year, how can you stay in front of your audience (and out of the spam filter)?

One easy way is to be consistent with your mailing schedule.

The last thing you want to do, when your audience is expecting to hear from you, is to be silent. They will begin to wonder “Are they late? Are they out of business?” and worse, “Who else could I get this information from?”

Whether you send weekly emails, monthly emails, or even just text-only check-ins with your client or candidate audiences, the important thing is that you make a schedule and stick to it.

Some companies worry they will over-email and face a mass of opt-outs. But it actually is quite the opposite. Readers who are mailed with more consistently are often the ones who are most engaged with the content.

What can you do to stay consistent?

Coming up with a monthly email marketing schedule can help you stay consistent. Figure out at the beginning of each month
– What will be the best date to send a monthly email newsletter?
– Are there any holidays or celebrations we need to send a mailing for?
– Do we have any important news, updates, or pieces of content that could benefit the audience, and when should those be sent?

Setting those dates at the beginning of each month can help you make, and stick to, a consistent mailing schedule.

Want more information on creating, and sticking to, a strong email marketing strategy? Work with the content marketing experts at Haley Marketing Group today! We can help you send emails people want to read.


1) https://www.statista.com/statistics/456500/daily-number-of-e-mails-worldwide/

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