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How Should I Be Writing for SEO?

Seo Copywriting
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Let’s Talk About SEO And Your Content

A lot has changed since the dawn of search engine optimization (SEO), but many people still seem to be stuck in the old days when it comes to SEO copywriting. Unfortunately, outdated tactics are not only ineffective, but they can also land you in hot water with search engines. Here are some of the most common questions people have about writing for SEO and answers that will help you stay on Google’s good side.

Isn’t Keyword Density Important?

In the “olden days” of SEO, keyword density mattered a lot. And in those olden days, websites stuffed with keywords ranked really well. However, if you landed on one of those websites, you probably found it impossible to read and odds are high that you certainly didn’t find the content compelling.

Yes, there was a time when keyword density percentages were a thing, but those days are long gone.

Today, keyword-stuffing is 100% against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can actually put you on the path to penalization. You want to use keywords strategically and naturally, rather than jamming them in just for the sake of having them.

Fortunately, if you write with purpose and focus on providing useful content, your target keywords should fit in naturally.

So, You’re Telling Me Keywords Don’t Matter?

Don’t mistake the keyword stuffing penalty for an excuse not to use keywords at all. While Google has gotten “smarter” over the years, keywords still matter.

You no longer have to agonize over exact matches in your copy, but Google still needs keywords in order to understand exactly what each page of your website is about and how to rank your website for specific queries.

For example, Google knows that “staffing agency” and “staffing agencies” are the same, but it is important to conduct keyword research and use those phrases in your body copy appropriately.

It’s also important to focus on keywords your users are actually searching for, rather than jargon or terms you personally prefer.

We often have clients who don’t like to use specific words. “Temporary” and “agency” are two words clients often ask us to avoid in our copy. However, people still search for those words, so they should be used in your copy.

Aren’t Links More Important Than Copy?

There was a time when building as many links as possible was a key pillar of SEO success. Links are still extremely important, but the quality of the links matters much more than quantity and in fact, less can often be more when it comes to link building.

More energy should be put into content creation than link building – because when you invest in content on your website, blog, social media platforms, etc., they will bring more high-quality links (and more targeted traffic) with them.

Don’t I Need Lots of Words On My Homepage?

Page length used to be very important, but it’s not nearly as important anymore – especially because visitors will make snap judgments when they land on your home page. If they are forced to read a dissertation, they will simply hit the back button and move on.

Your home page is the gateway to your website. It should clarify what you do, where you are located – if you serve a local market – your value proposition and it should utilize calls to action telling visitors what to do next.

There should be just enough content to create clarity for the visitor without overwhelming them.

Isn’t There A Secret SEO Writing Formula?

Not even close.

There are SEO best practices, and those should be adhered to, and your knowledge of those best practices should be kept up-to-date. Good SEO writing isn’t a secret – never trust anyone who tells you that their SEO writing techniques are top-secret or proprietary.

Great SEO copy incorporates well-researched keywords, is readable, is focused on the audience and is supported by a host of other techniques.  It should be customized to your business so that the copy paints a picture of what your staffing company does, who you are as an organization and the problems you solve.

Could Your Content Use An SEO Refresh?

If your staffing company could use some help bringing your website copy up-to-date to attract more visitors, generate more conversions and boost your search engine rankings, contact Haley Marketing Group today.

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