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What’s the Fastest Way to Build a New Staffing Website?

What's the Fastest Way to Build a New Staffing Website?
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As a project manager, of course I would offer that “organization” is the key. But let’s talk about what that generalization might really mean. At the end of the day project managers and clients share the same goal.

We work together to deliver to a website that helps drive your business!

While this blog post is not an all-inclusive list of things that might speed up or slow down the process, I offer it as more of a short list of things to consider for smooth sailing with your project.

Possible slowdown contributing factors:

  • Not having a single contact/person coordinating on the client side – lack of coordination of feedback often results in conflicting direction.
  • Not communicating clear goals or accurate information at the start of the project; not having the proper players involved from the beginning (sometimes people don’t include management early on, then they present the site and management is displeased).
  • Not taking full advantage of HMG’s resources (knowledge base, team, IdeaClub, etc.) and utilizing products and services included with their projects to their full potential.

Our team’s resources, including this blog, offer more information than even we can consume. We also have an extensive knowledge base that we often search to respond to your questions. One major advantage of working with the team at Haley Marketing is your project manager is able to tap into the knowledge of our full team of experts. We also continually adapt our approaches, products, and services to meet the needs of the marketplace.

Really cool, hyper successful projects have these things in common:

  • Clients were actively engaged with their projects and responsive to needs and questions from their project manager.
  • Clients offered a clear expression of goals – for the project and the business. This allows our team to provide the best solution to match the goal.
  • Clients trusted our team of experts – meaning they considered our advice derived from industry experience when making decisions (not that they blindly follow, but they hear us out).

You truly won’t find another team in the industry better at what they do than the Haley Marketing Team of experts. We look forward to working with you and delivering results!

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