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Why Should I Work With Haley Marketing?

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One of the most common questions I get when talking with potential clients is “why should I work with Haley Marketing?”  While there are a number of solid answers to this question the one that I always point to is “you’ll have access to 50+ marketing experts”.  No matter what product or level of service you purchase from us, you’ll have the power of 50 of the best marketing minds in the staffing industry.  Not many other firms can offer that!  Here is just a sampling of the knowledge base at Haley Marketing Group.

Creative: Our creative team doesn’t just build a website or an email to make it “look nice”.  We use information architecture to maximize response to meet your specific goals.  Our team of writers know they staffing industry really well and know how to write responsive calls to action.  Our creative team’s skills don’t stop at web design, they include, sales collateral design, video creation and social content creation.

Digital Marketing: Imagine having someone who is dedicated to managing your online presence.  From social media, reputation management, recruitment marketing, PPC and everything in-between, our team of 16 digital marketing experts will make sure that your social presence meets all of your goals.  We have a deep understanding of Google Analytics and how to use that data to make better marketing decisions for your firm.

Content Marketing: In order to stand out in a crowded marketplace you need great content.  Our content marketing team can develop custom branded content for your email marketing, social media, blogging, and direct mail needs (for all marketing budgets). Part of our training is to stay on top of content trends in HR and all issues related to workforce management.  We monitor Google Analytics on more than 500 websites, so we can see what works…and what doesn’t.

Project Managers: At Haley Marketing we don’t expect you to know how to build a website or design a direct mail piece.  That’s why we have a team of project managers to do all the heavy lifting in managing project details – whether it’s for a website, brochure, logo or a complete direct marketing campaign.  Their collective years of experience allow them to make the right suggestions for your needs.

Tech: We’re not just a marketing company, we are a technology company.
Our tech team built our platform for email and content marketing to help staffing companies with sales and recruiting.  We’ve created career portal software that integrates with more than 35 ATS systems, provides a mobile optimized search and apply experience, gets our clients’ jobs on more job sites (at no additional cost), automates talent re-engagement, and even tracks the performance of each job. And now we are launching NetSocial, a new tech product to simplify and automate team-based social content sharing.

Support: We have a team of four people whose sole function is to help our client manage the technology products they purchase from Haley Marketing. Our team answers more than 60 client tickets every day, provides free product training, and manages our help center that’s available for 24/7 answers to questions about all our products and services.

So why not put us to the test?  Contact Haley Marketing today to harness the power of our marketing experts.


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