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How Can I Keep My Staffing Firm Top Of Mind With No Marketing Budget?

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The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting recession have affected businesses in a multitude of ways. Some staffing companies saw a dramatic drop in business. Others had to shift to new industries. Still others are overwhelmed with job orders they can’t fill. 

Almost all staffing firms are looking for places to cut costs — to minimize expenses while they ride out the storm.

Some of those firms may be tempted to cut marketing to save money. It could be a costly mistake — you can’t afford to disappear. 

When companies are ready to do business, and job seekers are looking for work, you want to be top of mind.

How can you do that when your funds are stretched thin?

Remember — some of the best marketing is free.

Write Blog Posts

Answer questions your clients and candidates commonly ask. Post them to your website and share them on social media. If you can get your whole team to share add them to their social accounts, your reach will be that much further.

Repurpose Existing Content

Don’t Have Time To Write? You don’t have to create new posts from scratch, pull content from the last recession and edit it to reflect current circumstances.

Grab Attention With Your Job Posts

If you already have a job board, it costs you nothing to make the job descriptions more engaging. You’ll get more applications and from better-qualified applicants. Remember, job posts should always have a “what’s in it for me” factor for job seekers. It must be more than a list of requirements and job duties. Pay special attention to job titles — but don’t get cute.

No one looking for a receptionist job searches for “director of first impressions.” Use standard job titles but add descriptions that make them stand out. Receptionist – Prestigious Law Firm or Receptionist – fast-paced startup are more likely to grab the attention of candidates who have the skills and will also be the right fit for your organization.

Update Your Web Copy

If your website is built on WordPress as so many are, it’s simple to update the copy. Chances are your website was last refreshed when unemployment was low. Look over your website carefully and change anything no longer relevant to current market conditions. 

Host A Webinar

Platforms like GoToWebinar or Zoom make it easy to share your expertise. Offer a seminar on finding the right job for candidates, for example, or give employers tips on getting people back to work or sourcing top talent.

Start A Podcast

Podcasts and YouTube channels have a very low barrier of entry, both in ease of use and basic equipment. Getting your message and expertise out can help to establish your position as a thought leader in your specialty/

Great Marketing Is Free

good marketing program provides enough return on investment to make up for what you spend. 

Talk About the Latest on Staffing Works

This free Slack group is a place for staffing professionals to discuss sales, marketing, recruiting, technology and other issues impacting your company. 

Join the Idea Club

This free resource gives you access to eBooks, whitepapers, how-to articles, on-demand webinars and more. You’ll find everything you need to stand out, stay top-of-mind and sell more in the Idea Club.

Contact the Experts at Haley Marketing

When your finances are a bit more stable, the experts at Haley Marketing will be happy to talk strategy with you to get you back in business. Check out some of these Low-Cost Marketing Ideas to get started.





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