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Should You Put the Word “Remote” in Your Job Titles?

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Remote working, video interviewing, and virtual hiring were all on their way to the front lines of the way we do business and hiring, but thanks to the global pandemic, these spiked in early 2020 when we had no choice but to adapt. Companies – across all industries – now had to adapt to this new virtual landscape in some capacity.

Along with hiring, the way we work also had to go virtual – increasing the number of remote jobs that were now available. Not only do some jobs have no choice but to be virtual, but it’s also the perfect time for a remote worker to look for a new – more widely available – remote job.

So, should you put remote in your job titles on your job board?

The simple answer is: Yes – absolutely!

Let’s talk this through.

Job Titles & What They Do

Your job board is essentially another search engine. Think about it: People go to Google to find a very specific answer to their question. Candidates come to your job board looking for, at times, a very specific opportunity – is the pay within their range, is the job located where they want (hint: remote), are the day-to-day tasks what they want to do? These are all important details that should be included in the listing

Job Search Trends Are Changing

While remote work has been growing in the past ten years thanks to technology, the utilization of remote work is becoming a norm as COVID-19 keeps people in their homes. From March 1 to the middle of April, Indeed saw a 599% increase in work-from-home search terms on its website.

We have to pay attention to the trends of our audience – and economy – and adjust our job listings based on that.

Keep Up With the Latest Industry Trends with Haley Marketing

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