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How To Get More Value From Your Website

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If you don’t have a world-class website that follows best practices, then you’re probably losing candidates, clients, and money. Here are 3 tips for improving the ROI for your website:

1) Forms

Are you missing opportunities to convert visitors? An easy way to gather leads is to have forms on your website. The shorter the form, then the more likely you’ll be to capture users’ information. Be sure to include forms for your different audiences, i.e. candidates and clients. And be sure the forms’ information will go to the right person on your end! Here are some examples of forms to have on your site:

  • Contact Us: This is an easy opportunity to capture both audiences.
  • Quick Contact: An extremely short form, often in the footer, so it appears on every page of your site.
  • Refer a Friend: Offer candidates a way to give you referrals – and you can entice them by providing a nominal cash bonus. Isn’t $100 more than worth securing a quality candidate?
  • Request an Employee: This form allows for clients to tell you about the type of employee they need.
  • Assignment Feedback: Give employees a chance to let you know how things went with their most recent job.
  • Employee Review: Provide employers an opportunity to update you about their experience with a recent employee.

2) Career Portal

Do you have a dedicated page on your site where job seekers can search for jobs? A proper career portal will minimize talent loss. Here are a few ideas to improve a user’s experience:

  • Have an easy application: Up to 90% of job seekers will give up if you have a cumbersome application form. Start with a super-short form (name, email) to gather the basics, then you can follow up to get more details once you know they’re interested. You can also offer to have a candidate send a resume rather than apply to a specific job post if the job seeker does not currently find a job that is of interest.
  • Allow candidates to search: Make it easy for job seekers to find the jobs they want by including filters which allow for searching by industry, location, and keywords. You can also embed a search widget in other areas of your site, such as the home page and pages dedicated to the job seeker audience.
  • Set up an alert: Can job seekers be notified of new job posts? Return visitors are twice as likely to apply, so make it easy for candidates to come back to your site! Allow them to sign up and receive featured job updates by email and/or text.

3) CTAs (Call To Actions)

Does your website guide its visitors? Don’t make your viewers have to figure out where to go next – guide them! Before a visitor leaves your site, you want the person to take action. If you have completed the above #1 (forms) and #2 (career portal), then you now want to have CTAs throughout your site that will lead visitors to those pages. Ensure CTAs are bold, easy to find, and their copy is clear, direct and action oriented. Here are different ways to include CTAs on your site:

  • Buttons: Use these throughout the site to guide viewers. Buttons often sit below copy, because after the viewer is done reading, it then guides the person to the next step.
  • Fly-in: This is a quick message that literally flies into a page. It consists of a headline, a brief supporting sentence, and a button that leads the viewer to take action.
  • Featured jobs: Increase applications by highlighting your best opportunities in multiple places on your site where job seekers are likely to visit.

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