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Social Media and Staffing: 3 Tips for Getting More Traffic Back to Your Site

Social Media and Staffing: 3 Tips to Get More Traffic Back to Your Website
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Everyone knows that 2020 was a rough year for the staffing industry. If you saw a decrease in applications and talent requests, you are not alone, but how you respond now can set you apart.

If increasing qualified website traffic isn’t on your list for 2021 goals, it should be. Getting traffic to your staffing website and job board is a step you should take to improve your amount of talent requests and job applications. In an increasingly digital world, the key to attracting more website visitors is by standing out, and where better to do that than on social media.

Why Social Media?

Social media is one of the top forms of referral traffic for staffing companies using it effectively. Visitors to your website from social media are often more qualified than leads from other referral sites. To get more people back to your site from your social media platforms, follow these tips.

3 Social Media Musts That Can Increase Staffing Website Traffic

1. Know Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is key not only to increasing staffing website traffic but also to ensure that the traffic you attract is qualified.

People click on posts that speak to them. Clearly defining a target audience allows you to develop content that directly relates to your audience’s needs, wants, desires, and fears in their job or talent search. This leads to more clicks back to your site.

Already creating content that is tailored to your audience but not seeing results? Try joining and contributing to social media groups where your target personas “hang out.” Remember to act like a human in these groups. Don’t spam them with resources but if you have content that could solve another group member’s problem, share it.

2. Stop Those Thumbs

With the massive amount of content published daily on social media platforms, it can be easy for your audience to scroll by a post without even reading it. When trying to boost engagement and get clients and candidates back to your site, you need content that stands out enough to stop their thumbs mid scroll.

The Top Ways To Create Eye-Catching Content:

Visual Content: You will want to make sure that your post includes professional and aesthetically pleasing images.

Calls to Action: Include a call to action in your posts with a link back to your website to give the viewer a clear next step in their engagement experience.

Captions: Make sure that the captions and descriptions you use are exciting and relatable. This goes back to really knowing who your target audience is and what they will find interesting.

3. Consistency is Key

Posting once in a blue moon was once acceptable, but today consistent posting is necessary. Posting consistently will allow more users to see your message multiple times, increasing the likelihood that they will stop what they are doing and visit your staffing website to learn more. With mass amounts of content being created daily, not posting content often enough means your message will likely get overlooked.

You do not want to spam your followers, so deciding how many times a week to post may take some trial and error. Finding the right cadence for posting will depend on your target audience but for most staffing companies posting 4-5 times a week works best.

Need Help Managing Your Social Media and Want to Attract More Traffic to Your Staffing Site?

Not sure how to begin defining your target audience? Do you not have the time or resources to make your content more eyecatching? Are you overwhelmed by the thought of increasing social media posting frequency? Creating a social media strategy that focuses on increased website traffic isn’t easy. These tips can help, but if you feel you and your staffing company need more support, Haley Marketing is here to help. Learn more about our fully managed social media options today!

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