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Social Media Gets Traffic (that Converts) to Websites

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For the past few weeks, we’ve been presenting a variety of marketing options to capitalize on the importance of returning website visitors.

The last portion of this series features a marketing tool that is free. There’s no cost to signing up. No cost to sending out content. More than 60 percent of the adult population is easily reachable.

As with anything in life, if it sound too good to be true then it probably is. Yes, social media doesn’t just appear out of thin air. Yes, social media takes time. Yes, social media takes some resources.

But done well, social media can have a really big payoff for your staffing company at a really low cost.

In my latest (yet-to-be-completed) analytics project, we are looking at different types of website traffic and how it engages with a staffing company’s website. This one part of the project is analyzing the conversion of website traffic going from the blog of a website to the “Contact Us” page.

Social media traffic is converting at nearly five percent!

That’s a five percent conversion rate to the “Contact Us” page that a lot of staffing companies are straight-out ignoring.

So how do we get users from your social media pages to your website?

It’s no big secret: You share good, quality content. That’s it.

Think about our own social media habits with non-staffing companies. If you consume really good content then you are going to follow that company, business, sports team, band, etc.  Next, you are going to check them out on other social media outlets and follow there as well. You’ll check in every 30 minutes periodically because you want to see what’s coming next. If nothing is there, then you might go to the website and see what’s new on that outlet.

Why? Because you received some value and crave more.

The same thing can happen in the staffing industry. If you share good quality content, and it doesn’t just have to be blog posts and job descriptions – pictures of office guacamole contests work, trust me – you will gain followers. Then you build trust and generate returning visitors who will go to your website when they have a need for your business.

And that gets us back to the importance of the returning website traffic. Remember, returning user traffic spends a minute longer on your website than new traffic. If a piece of content on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn can get traffic to your website to stay longer AND have a higher chance of converting, then it sounds like social media should be a part of any staffing company’s marketing plan.

If you want more in-depth information on generating a social media game plan, check out our eBook: Social Media: A Game Plan for Staffing and Recruiting Firms

Complete series on Returning Website Visitors

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