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Do You Know What Retargeting Is? I Bet You Do

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As we build on the importance of returning website visitors, this week’s post will look at the impact of online advertising.

This marketing technique is commonly referred to as retargeting but you may also see it referred to as remarketing or AdWords. Most people probably know what it is but have no idea how simply it works (or even what it’s called).

When browsing web pages, remember those ads that appear on the side of your screen or strategically placed throughout the website? Have you ever wondered how they seemingly relate to previous websites you’ve visited (especially that Mediterranean cruise) or your interests (like sports or cooking)?

Hello retargeting!

Two Retargeting Methods

There are a couple of ways to accomplish getting those ads on the screens of the people you want to target.

One method involves placing some code on your website. When visitors view a specific page on your website (commonly called a landing page), a cookie can be placed in their browser. The results of this method are immediate but one downside can be that you must get people to your website for it to work.

The second method involves using an e-mail list of contacts and then uploading that list to an outlet like Facebook. This method is more customizable but a downside is that the e-mail address you have for a contact could be different from the e-mail address they provided to Facebook.

Why Retargeting?

Why do you want to consider retargeting? Remember our study that showed returning website visitors spent 63 seconds longer on a staffing company’s website compared to new visitors. If the retargeting ad gets a visitor back to your website, they are more than likely to spend more time on your website. When a visitor spends more time on a website, they are more likely to convert by filling out a form, applying for a job, etc.

Retargeting won’t work for everyone. A well-thought out campaign featuring the industry and location you want to target can have a lot of success at a very affordable cost. Retargeting works better when you can narrow down your target (light industrial in Chicago) and get away from being general (XYZ Staffing Company in Denver). It’s easier to make a connection when you can advertise specific jobs instead of just your company.

Haley Marketing offers a number of online advertising options, including some great retargeting campaigns.

Learn more about them today and contact our great team to get started!

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