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No Two Look The Same: Shareworthy Staffing Websites

Unique Shareworthy Staffing Websites
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We are back for installment 4 of our monthly series, where we highlight our most “shareworthy” client websites.* Here we’ll share a collection of websites with you to not only give you a snapshot of what it’s like to work with us, but to demonstrate the results you can expect from our team who knocks it out of the park for our clients.

In the last installment of this series, we featured three staffing websites that used modern technology to improve the UX/UI experience for your potential clients and candidates. In this installment, we’re going to highlight how no two starter sites are the same when you work with us.

No Two Staffing Sites Look The Same

Our mission at Haley Marketing Group is to provide affordable marketing solutions to our clients. That’s where our idea to offer Starter Websites came from. They allow us to provide branded, accessible, shareworthy staffing websites that drive results for our clients at an affordable price. Learn more about our staffing website offerings.

You may be wondering … if I purchase a starter website will my site look like others? When a client purchases a starter website with us, they are assigned to their very own, what we like to call, “dream team” – which consists of a project manager, copywriter and designer/developer. This team works seamlessly to create the story of your unique brand through content and design. Which means, your site comes back representing you and only you, authentically!

Take a look at three websites we’ve compiled that all use the same base website starter, Eldorado, but all look unique to the client we worked with:

  1. Our first unique, shareworthy staffing website is: TradeSTAR

    Unique Shareworthy Staffing Website TradeSTAR

    Using our base starter website, Eldorado, this site undeniably visually represents the TradeSTAR brand through use of brand colors, squared-off typography with drop shadows, and angled edges. The site is written and designed to represent the company authentically while speaking to their candidates and clients in the tone they intend.

  2. Our next unique shareworthy website is: KPG Providers

    Unique Shareworthy Staffing Website KPG Providers

    Built off of the same base starter website design as the site above, KPG Providers looks completely unique. Would you agree? By carrying through brand elements, such as the swoop from the logo, this site breathes life into the KPG brand. This site does a great job of using white space with the brand colors as accents to tell this company’s story. The content is written and designed to be easily digestible for users interacting with the site in order to convert candidates and clients.

  3. Our final unique shareworthy website in this fourth installment of our series is: SMART Staffing Group, Inc.

    Unique Shareworthy Staffing Website SMART Staffing Group, Inc.

    Here’s another site built using the same base starter, but it looks completely unique, right? SMART Staffing Group, Inc’s website carries through their brand logo mark differently than either example above, and uses accent colors, shapes and animations to help keeps a user engaged through the duration of their visit.

We have focused this installment of our series on no two staffing sites looking the same. Based on our examples above, we hope you can see the value you’d receive working with Haley Marketing Group. In additional to providing unique, affordable marketing solutions to our clients, we aim to protect our clients – and create a great user experience for all people – by ensuring WCAG 2.0 AA compliance. Find out if your staffing website is ADA compliant.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these staffing websites as much as we have creating them for our clients. Comment below with your favorite website from this edition of Shareworthy Staffing Websites.

Are You Ready To Update Your Website?

If your website is outdated, doesn’t reflect your staffing company’s brand, or isn’t helping you attract candidates or clients, reach out to us! Haley Marketing Group has consulted with thousands of companies to help them create functional, beautiful websites. We look forward to helping you get started.

*This article showcases three of our starter websites.

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