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Best Staffing Websites: How Do You Bring A Staffing Brand to Life?

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Why do you need a website for your staffing firm? What should it look like? Should it be a sales tool? Should it be merely informational? Does it need a job board? Different staffing companies have different ideas about how their website should look and function – or wonder why they even need a website at all.

Some staffing firms see a website as something they just have to have. These firms often have websites that are outdated, are not mobile-friendly and lack the features that users want to see in a website. Other firms get so caught up in the vanity of a website that they fail to consider critical best practices for things like user experience, SEO, mobile capabilities, job boards, etc.

Your company does, in fact, need a website. But you shouldn’t settle for the website your nephew built in 2002, nor should you get so hung up on appearance that you sacrifice function.

The best staffing websites are the right blend of lead-generation tool and branding tool. So, just what do some of those websites look like?

Athlete Career Placement

Athlete Career Placement (ACP) is a corporate recruiting firm that places degree-holding college athletes with top national employers, coaching them through their transition into a career in business.

ACP is a startup company that needed a functional website to grab attention and establish their brand. Their target candidates are recent college graduates, so the website had to speak to that demographic without alienating potential clients. This fine line was important because as a new company, their website would be the world’s first introduction to ACP, setting the tone for initial conversations with prospective clients and candidates.

Keeping all of this in mind, ACP’s new website is feature-rich and functional. It is very simple for potential candidates to submit their resume to ACP recruiters via a mobile-friendly, concise form. The relevant messaging (“from the locker room to the conference room,” “don’t sit on the sidelines,” “we are your personal trainers for your career,” etc.) and unique design elements leap off the home page and carry through every page on the website.

There are also subtle elements that enhance the user experience and bring ACP’s brand to life. As someone scrolls down an individual page, the images evolve. The pictured athlete and the user take a literal journey “from the locker room to the conference room.” The scroll action prompts images to change from students as athletes to the same student in a career role.

The client was extremely pleased with their new recruiting website, saying, “I believe that everyone on the team listened to our vision and delivered on that vision fantastically. Since the launch of the website coincides with the launch of our business having the correct identity was important to us. There was passion behind the project from the team and you can tell.”

The Cadre Agency

The Cadre Agency, a startup staffing firm with deep roots in Memphis, came to Haley Marketing with high expectations – a modern, unique website that helps their team redefine how the industry conducts itself and introduce CadreSpirit to the market.

To help them achieve their goals, the design of the site incorporated bold colors and Memphis-styled imagery to grab attention. If you keep your sound on, you’ll even hear blues music, a thoughtful touch that reinforces the company’s Memphis roots and connections.

But websites are about more than just looks. They also have to be functional and provide a positive user experience. User experience is especially important for a new staffing agency. If potential clients or candidates struggle with your site or get a bad impression of your business based on your website quality, it is unlikely they’ll give you a second chance.

Cadre’s website also includes an SEO optimized job board, integrated with Cadre’s Bullhorn ATS to make the application process seamless and simple for both candidates and Cadre recruiters. The entire website is visually appealing and functional, establishing the firm’s brand and helping them achieve their business goals.

Top Notch Personnel

Top Notch Personnel is the premier staffing and recruitment agency in Wichita, KS. Serving the aircraft, construction, manufacturing and call center industries, the Top Notch team puts great people to work at great companies around the region.

Top Notch delivers exceptional service, but their website was outdated and hadn’t evolved as the company grew over the years. A long-time client of Haley Marketing with Social Pro, blogging and ongoing SEO services, Top Notch was ready to take the next step by updating their site to one that properly represented their firm.

Unique imagery representing Wichita and gear animations inspired by the Top Notch logo are thoughtful touches to the sleek and modern site. In addition, the messaging works in conjunction with the design and incorporates SEO keywords to target local clients and candidates.

The end result is a website that provides a user-friendly experience while reinforcing Top Notch’s reputation as a market leader that keeps clients ahead of the pace of change. In response to the new site’s design, Top Notch’s CEO said, “I am very happy with the new site. We are very impressed with the customizations, animations and art. I truly was not expecting to be blown away like we were.”

TEAM Concepts

Since 1995, TEAM Concepts has been delivering exceptional staffing and career solutions to businesses and job seekers in South Florida. Celebrating their 25th anniversary, TEAM needed a new website that accurately reflected their commitment to service and their position as industry leaders.

The new website achieves these goals and more. The visuals were chosen intentionally to resonate with their South Florida community, showcasing relevant geo-specific images and palm tree illustrations. There are also subtle design elements, such as imagery filters, throughout the site that are inspired by TEAM’s logo, to further enhance branding. The website messaging speaks to the firm’s longevity and expertise as a committed partner to clients and candidates alike.

One unique feature is the testimonials section where users can toggle between client and candidate testimonials. Subtle elements like this in conjunction with relevant call-to-action buttons across the site help users find what they need quickly and encourage follow-up to partner for business and career needs.

Are You Ready To Update Your Website?

Undertaking a new website project is both an expense and time commitment, but a good website is a critical tool for promoting your brand and generating business. If your website is outdated, doesn’t reflect your staffing company’s brand, or isn’t helping you attract candidates or clients, reach out to us! Haley Marketing Group has consulted with thousands of companies to help them create functional, beautiful websites. We look forward to helping you get started.

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